Will this fit my A3?


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Apr 15, 2011
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Reallyyy need my a3 lowered, its sitting at the moment on 18 inch rs4 and it looks like a monster truck not liking the look of the stance at all

So i've read into it and see that i can't go low at all on the front without the arb being changed? but i can go low as possible on the back as it doesn't come standard with an arb anyway? I have an a3 1.6

So, will this fit my a3?? Or does anyone know where i can get an TT arb from?

Audi TT front arb VW / SEAT / SKODA anti roll bar | eBay UK
Gave it to my mechanic to do but he didn't have a clue so I did it with him! We had use of a lift so was pretty easy.

Subframe needs dropping to be able to get access though. Can be done on a drive on axle stands too. Not difficult if you know what your doing which my mechanic didn't since its not an OE part! But seeing as you have all the info from that thread on Edition it should be a straightforward.
sadly that link doesnt work for me.

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ill give it to my mechanic and see what he thinks, thx again.
You have to register on the site for it to work mate. It should be fine after you've registered and logged in.
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thats the same one i got on my A3 so it will fit.

they are easy to fit if you got access to lift/pit

i used my pit at work took around a hour to fit. have to drop the sub frame to get the old one out.

if you use standard drop links your find they will be worn out in a very short space of time. i'm looking into ways of getting custom drop links made.
Thought I'd resurrect this thread for peace of mind. So do most people use the adjusterable drop links when doing this? As I'll be swapping my subframe for one from a cupra r that has the arb and rack on it.