Will this fit my rear bumper?


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Jun 30, 2011
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Hello again peeps - third post and counting lol

will this fit my rear bumper?

Audi A3 S-line Rear Diffuser Bumper S3 | eBay UK

cheers guys
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that wont fit my model will it? i was looking at that but it dont look right fitting?
Are we sure these are all interchangeable between all 8P models? Im sure I read recently that they werent?
Oh don't say that. :( I'm sure this will fit mine as my bottom half comes off! Has anyone fitted one of these to an 05 s line??
It wont fit non s-line cars but will fit s-line rear bumpers
hi guys just fitted my £25 bargain rear diffuser which has made such a difference in look - i love it. only problem is the bumper is not fitting flush underneath of both rear lights? i can push it in but eventually it will pop out a little so it basically about 1cm out from the tail lights? think that makes sense.

has anyone got any advise of how to get this bumper to sit flush again? i have checked Google but cant seem to find anything?
am i right in saying that was your original bumper? if so take it off and refit it. doesnt sound like you have lined up the clips properly...
yes it is the original, i have taken it off twice and re-fitted but it just wont go in correctly? i think its something to do with them white lugs that go in on either side of the bumper.
make sure it sits right before trying to screw anything in... and check that there is nothing in the way, even a small screw could make this happen. see if it clips in on the rear arch??

I have a SB and i know on mine its fiddly but give it patience and time so fit on.
hmmmmmmmmmmm its a weird one mate - im sure its to do with them white lugs that push into the chassis
hi there just looking at a post from july last year when you gave a member some advice on his rear bumper member called herbsta1c anyway im sport tdi and i have a a3 3.0 tdi sport 3 door on a 2004 plate now im looking to change my rear bumper to an s line and ive been told to get a 2005 to 2007 s line bumper as i want to fit an s3 rear diffuser to it from a 2007 p/n 8p3807434g1rr does the grey diffuser on the s line bumper come off from the bumper for me to fit the diffuser from the s3 thanks richard