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May 26, 2011
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Thought I'd say hello to fellow RS4 owners, will be using the site as a source of information.

First Audi I've owned had wide range of various cars but first child en-route and opted for a RS4 over my previous E46 M3 Vert.

Anyway only got 2 pics so far, one of the car and one of the engine bay as thats the first bit I tackled to clean as where it used to be parked the engine bay looked like a forest.

Also one of my previous car I sold for the RS4, typical the weather is so nice now for a Vert as well.

First impressions are very good, handles well, goes well, is comfy not OTT with controls inside like the ridiculous M5 with the I-Drive I also was considering, and the return on MPG is surprisingly better than I thought 15-18mpg so far. Sounds lovely as well :D

The old car


The new


Your still not having the seats though! :D
Love both of em M3 looks great! I'd struggle to sell it, but rs4 is a worthy replacement.
Hi Andy, Azza from m3cutters here.

Shame you sold the vert but excellent choice for replacement though! I can't see you being disappointed with it, and if you choose to subtly mod it like you did the m3 then it'll look even better than it already does!

I took a deposit on my m3 on Friday night to make the return to Audi as I'm buying back my old A4 which is in my sig, they're such good cars (not that the m3 isn't of course!) but for a family wagon the rs4 is my ideal car, just gutted I can't afford one! :(

Love the colour of it as well, don't see many of those around.
Cheers, was the biggest impulse buy ever the RS4 and don't regret it.

Basically my M3 went on Thursday at 6.45pm and I got home around 7.45pm from Rushden after delivering the M I was selling to the new owner.

I went onto Pistonheads and this car popped up in the exact spec I wanted, even better was the price, the chap is getting a new RS4 so he'd listed it at trade-in price plus a few hundred quid. This was about 8.30pm.

I rang the chap and said when could I view to which he said now if I wanted, so jumped in the misses car and heading over and arrived come 9.30pm.

Next day by 11am the deal was done and payment sent. From 8.30pm on Thursday night I'd not seen anything I wanted yet come Friday 11am I had the deal done and was once again skint
Sounds like a perfect scenario if you ask me! So have you got any plans for the rs4? Or do you find it pretty much perfect out of the box?

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