Hit a deer anyone got any front end parts?


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Oct 28, 2010
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Hit a deer on way to work this morning doing about 45/50mph. Luckily stopped hard and it didint go up and over!

Totalled the headlights, bumper, all grills are cracked or snapped, bonnet, passenger wing, Foglights, impact bar and thats just what I can see.

Car drives OK, no leaks not pulling, still got good power and fuel economy and me and the passenger were fine. So luckily all cosmetic by the looks of it.

Deer didnt fare so well and luckily a farmer stopped, helped me get it off the road and put it out of its misery for me.

Basically can ayone help with any of the parts above its a pre-facelift '99 S3, I have a set of facelift lights already but does anyone have a bumper or bonnet or will an A3 bonnet fit?

Mods if this is in the wrong section please feel free to move.

Thanks in advance

I will get pics up when I get home from work you sicko's!

I have contacted the insurance company and they would want my £350 excess plus I would lose 3 years NCB as its registered as a fault claim.

Problem is I'm currently in the process of a non fault claim as I was rear ended on the bank holiday Monday, no panels were beyond repair but the car has been assessed as needing prep and paint on the bumper, rear quater panel and tailgate as well as scuffing removed from one wheel and my rear light.

So my quandry is when I file for the fault claim(deer incident) and they add it up with the non fault claim, they will probably write the car off. This isn't really a bad thing as I should get to buy the car back and I can use the lump to 20vT my Mk2 and with the payout and money from breaking the S3, could pick up a nice daily.

Only thing holding me back is when I come to renewal they are likely to bend me over, as I will have 2x non fault claims (someone ran into my Corrado 3 years ago), one fault claim (deer incident) and 6 points from 2x SP 30's all in the last 4 years!

The S3 has been my unluckiset car by a long way
Trouble is now you have told them, if you claim or not they will still have it down as an at fault accident today, unless they turn a blind eye to it...

When I spoke to the insurer I said that it was purely an enquiry and they confirmed that no records had been entered onto the system regarding my enquiries, but with my frequent dealings with Insurers and Brokers I know that a verbal confirmation doesnt really mean much and they do things regardless!
I feel your pain mate, I hit a cat a few years ago at 90ish on the motorway and it destroyed my bumper, lower grill & fogs, ended up buying a new bumperr off fleabay. Think i still have a front fog in the shed if your intrested, cant remember which side it is though and its also a facelift.
Hopefully you'll get it sorted soon though.
i think an armoured tank would be your next car after hitting a deer and geting hit from behind (only joking)

just i think buying the car back would be a good idea and put engine in your mk2 may be looking at a nearly a full repray if the front end and wings and rear is damaged from the two accidents.

what insurance company you with?
Mods if this is in the wrong section please feel free to move.

:sign_pics: and it can stay :)

contact these as they are vag breakers and have a huge range of stock,people who work there are straight off deliverence though About VW Sanburn
Surely this is the deer farmers responsibility? Would it not be the same as hitting a cow or sheep that's escaped from a field, or hitting a dog?
Thanks for the response

It was a wild deer and the farmer was a random guy driving down the road. To be honest after snapping its necks, he was welcome to it as I couldnt have done that! I think he left in a ditch by the roadside though.

@Wibble - Thanks for the offer of the Foglight, but I think this is a perfect excuse to fit that FMIC I have, so will lose the fogs anyways.

@Paul Syverson - I'm with Highway Insurance through Brentacre.

Thanks also for the links to the breakers. Will be trying ebay when I get home and will start ringing around the breakers this afternoon, took it to my mates bodyshop who reckons I only need a bumper and bonnet with grills and trims so think I will fix it rather than take another S3 off the roads.

I will also stick some pics up later as I cant get on any photo hosting sites at work, it doesnt look that bad really but its obviously not the car it was!

Cheers again and if anyone has a bumper or bonnet in any colour let me know?

Is an A3 bonnet the same as the S3?
I,m afraid this could be a massive anti climax but here is the damage, its all the cracked parts and broken tabs that mean I have so many pieces to replace...

No Airbags but the airbag light stays on for a few seconds longer than before, so I hope it doesnt just go off in my face!

And no pics of the deer I'm afraid