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Feb 23, 2011
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OK, the allroads Engine Check light has never come on since I got it...and yes the bulb may have been taken out due to all the stuff wrong thats now been but right.
There is no reason for it to come on in way of faults now, but would like to know its there in the future should any other issues arrise.
So, could it just be a bulb and if so what type is it and is it easy to change or are they LED and integrated i.e. if its gone and LED it means new dash??
Can it be turned off with VAG com and if so where do I go to get it turned back on (I Have Vag Com)

Also, common again and at the moment not that bad but the Display in the dash cente has the usual lines missing...seen verious things on how to sort this searching around...
Whats best? Take it to Auto Electrician, Fleebay, or DIY botch up that works?

Many Thanks
By "Engine Check light" I presume you mean the small yellow icon of an engine with fan that appears towards the left of the speedo?

It should come on for a few seconds when you switch the ignition on; if it doesn't then I'd suggest there is a fault with either the bulb or (less likely) the circuitry that controls it.

If you have the full licensed VCDS (nee VAG-COM) then a full scan will show you all fault codes, and if anything is wrong with the engine you'll get the detail that way. If fault codes are present then the yellow light should be illuminated to advise you to go check them.

I'm not aware of any way to turn it off (other than clearing fault codes through VCDS, and the moment they reappear so will the light) and can't imagine that Audi would want to include such a design feature as it would both negatively impact the car's reputation for reliability, and reduce the revenue for their service departments.

As to dropped pixels in the display I'd be amazed if that hasn't been asked several times before: have you tried doing a search of the forum?
OK, get even wierder, if I do an instruments test...everything checks out including the engine check light (1st time I've seen it light up) yet still there are no errors and it does NOT come on at all during normal start procedure. i.e. "come on for a few seconds when you switch the ignition on"

I Had a Merc S Class with same issue and it had been disabled in M-Star (equiv of VAG-COM/VCDS) so would appear there is a way in Vag Com or you would think it would not come on during the cluster test??
Can't see anything in the manual....
I think what I need is somone that know VAMCOM inside out...maybe it needs a CODE sending to enagle the ENGINE CHECK LIGHT??
Its very strange....
full vagcom or the freeware version?

woth posting on the vagcom forum here as it is supported by vagcom themselves

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