starting problems solved :)


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Jun 19, 2007
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Right not been on here for a while but this is defo new thread worthy i thought :)

If some of you remember i posted on here somewhen last year when i first got my 2.5 v6 tdi that i was having issues every so often getting the car to start. This was usually after i finished work and the car had been sat for about 7-8 hours. The car could take a good 4-6 secs to start the engine and when it finally started it would throw out a massive cloud of smoke.

I had scanned with VCDS but the only issue i repeatedly got was the needle lift sensor one so i got my injector number 3 changed about 6 months ago hoping this was the issue. The fault no longer appears in VCDS but i still had the starting probs.

I had been planning on getting my cambelt done for a while and i finally got enough money to afford it so i contacted adamss24 off here as he sounded like he knew his stuff and arranged to pop up to his place last bank holiday monday.

Me n my Dad got to his place for 9 am and by 5pm we were on our way home. It was a great day me n my Dad stayed with the car allday and watched the cambelt being done and was so impressed with how adamss24 managed to complete the job and put alot of the so called audi specialists i have been to in the past to shame. He replaced all the belts, 2 tensioners, water pump, thermostat and viscous fan coupling. He then retimed the engine and pump and had it running sweeter than ever. His knowledge was awesome and he explained alot of it to me n Dad as he was going along which probably slowed him down but made it a very interesting day out.

Turns out that whoever changed the cambelt last time was a muppet and couldnt time a car properly as it was almost 2 teeth out of time plus some of the parts used were not the best quality items.

My car now starts on the button every time and is alot less smokey i am also hoping for an increase in MPG now its running so well.

All in all i was more than happy to part with my hard earned money to someone who took time and did a job properly and made sure it works the way it should.

So thanks again adamss24 :)
I have used Chris for work on my car, this guy knows his way around the V6's
Glad you finally got it sorted, it had been going on for ages if I remember correctly.
Yes this had been an issue with my car since i got it 18 months ago. So am really happy that it now runs as it was intended.

Chris was great and i highly reccomend him and if i ever have any mechanical issues he will be the man i talk to in future.

I have taken the tuning box off the car for now and will run a couple of tanks of diesel through it to see how it performs as standard MPG wise etc. I will then put the box back on and see if i get any gains in performance and MPG.

So if your having intermittent starting problems first thing to get checked out would be your timing as its crucial to have it set well to get the best out of these engines.