what car did you drive before your 8L ?

Heres my last 2.......


Love the evo, great colour, had the wife not banned me from buying another chav car (in her eyes) then I would have an evo 6 parked in the drive and not the S3.
2008-Present - 2001 Audi S3
2006-2008 - 1998 Vauxhall Astra MK4 1.8 CDX
2004-2006 - 1992 Renault Laguna 2.0 RT
2001-2004 - 1991 Citreon AX 1.0 Debut

The S3 is the only car I've modified :)
Where to begin hmmm. First car Toyota Corrola, Toyota Carina, Subaru Impreza, Honda Integra, Honda Civic, Nissan Skyline R32 GTR, S3.
I had a black Golf Mk3 GTi 16v.... dont miss it at all!
my scirocco Storm. Still have it, but struggles as a daily. hence the A3. In the last year i have also had a mondeo, but that doesn't count because it was that shaaatt. and a landy and this A3 all in the last year that my ex took!



Started with a 1996 Mini cooper and had a couple of other minis with fibre glass front ends (makes it so much easier to work on the engine) !
Ive had a Rover metro with a 1.8vvc engine running Jenvey throttle boddies an Emerald ECU and Piper 285 cams pushing 212bhp that was real fun and surprised a lot of people!
Then had a stripped out Renault 5 GT turbo with no interior just Carbon Kevlar bucket seats pushing 180bhp
Then an RX8 which stayed standard just got bored of filling it up with oil
And the S3
Another ex Vauxhall owner here. Cora 1.4Si GLS. Don't miss it at all. Although I think I had less problems with it than the A3...:sadlike:
MGB GT rebuilt to stage 2

Then Mk2 golf GTi 16V

Then Polo GTi
I was torn between one of these or my a3 only reason i went for a3 is bec i have got kids and these only have 2 seats in back. As far as i no these were the fastest production car that was front wheel drive on release

I have had 2 car seats in the back of my Coupe,wasnt as bad as i expected. I had to get rid as missus wouldnt drive it,and couldnt get the dog in the boot!
It was quick,even as standard,i remember i let a mate from work take it for a spin as he had just bought an S3,and he was shocked at how quick the Coupe was in comparison.Altough on paper its not that much quicker,but probably felt a hell of a lot quicker! It was loud and a little rattly!
Used to have this before some lowlife ****er decided to go drink driving, crash into me, nearly kill me and write my pride and joy off :crying:

1997 Colt Mirage 1.6, was quite slow for a 1.6 but it was a first car:


Then as a result of being scared from the accident i got a bigger stronger car so along came the A3 :whistle2:


Black m3 golf gti 16v, got wrote of at xmas :(
Love the evo, great colour, had the wife not banned me from buying another chav car (in her eyes) then I would have an evo 6 parked in the drive and not the S3.

Aye, i did love the Evo, cost me just over 2kin workin around 3 months - fell out with it cause the cost
My previous was my mk2 20vt...




Oh the fun.....!!!

Also had a daily mk4 gti 20vt...


before that i had an early lhd 16v mk2 in racing green metallic, and ran it on A3 pepperpots before i had seen any other car do so.




thats the one car i thought i would keep forever!! Loved it but my job changed and couldnt afford a play car at the time and had to run my work hack during the day.
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Clio 16v

I still have it and I really want to get it back on the road. The sound it made and the raw feel just cannot be had anymore :( Yes the bonnet is standard!

2 Litre, Cat Cams with Vernier pulleys, stainless steel 4-2-1 manifold.

my last car was my Diamond White RS2000 sold this because i really need a diesel commuter,stumbled across an A3 turbo & still have no diesel!
I won't go all the way back to the start as it'd take up the whole thread, but I had:

A Volcano Black A3 1.8T (excuse crappy pic):


...but had to sell it it buy a flat, so bought this in the interim which I should never have sold:


...I stupidly sold it to get into my current S3:


...so then bought another GTI which I know use at weekends when I'm bored of the lardy VAGgon:

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My 1990 205 GTi. I sooo wish I had not sold this beauty of a car. Limited edition colour and tasty full black leather interior.....and a 166bhp 1.9 16v engine from a 405 Mi16!

And then I sold it for this S3....which was a lot faster and more comfortable but nowhere near as fun on the twisties!!

Absolutely stunning. Why'd you get rid?!

Cheers mate, that was my car of 7 years.

got rid for a few reasons. I wanted to progress onto a big turbo project and knew that even with the Quaiffe LSD i was pushing what was pretty much acceptable levels of grip so the transition into 4wd was innevitable. Add onto that, that even though i had a blast in that car, that i wanted to start really "using" the car on the strip and maybe a track. Plus the mk2 was mint, and i knew if i pursued my ambitions in the mk2, i would probably wreck it with stonechips and even the odd ding. To top that lot off i was starting to lose the bug with regard to finding parts for the mk2, its just getting harder and harder. And with a young daughter now the mk2 just wasnt practical.

Basically it made more sense to sell when i could get decent money for it, and buy the S3 which i could hammer into the ground and not feel bad for it. lol The S3 on the road running a GT30 will be about the same money as i sold the mk2 for which is quite an achievement.
Before the s3 i had this


2.1 zvh 320bhp

Do miss this car

1996 Seat Cordoba SX 1.6i a whole 101bhp to play with!

Spent fortunes on this then sent it for an engine conversion, 2.0 16v with an aftermarket turbo techniques kit bolted on, only for the moron of a mechanic to completely ******* up the alarm/immobiliser on it so bad that nobody would touch the car after him :crying: The car has never started since.

On the positive side the guy who sold me my S3 took the Cordoba px and gave me £2000 off the asking price. From what I've been told the wheels/interior/sound system was stolen and the bodykit/suspension/brakes and exhaust have ended up on a Seat Inca van somewhere in Western Scotland.
purple ford ka first car
then a black K which was awesome slammed on ford racing suspention morettes smooth bumper and smooth boot loved that car lol
black corsa b 1.6 17v sport on sapx coils and imry softstars
vw golf mk4 20vt agu had for five years did loads lol

now the a3 aum
These are the cars I have owned in order since getting my license (I got my license when I was 17, I am turning 22 now.. so 5 years worth :p)

1991 Holden VN Commodore

1993 Mazda MX6

1992 Toyota Corolla SX AE92


2000 Audi S3 8L

1998 PUG 306 1.9 straight no turbo dead as a door nail but looked the part, went through 3 engines in this thing!

2000 Seat Ibiza 1.4s decent wee car

Then drove the girlfriends car for a while a 2000 Renault Clio 1.2 it was a heap, didn't even change the oil in all the time we had this, i guess this is why the engine ceased

And now 2002 A3 1.8t sport which i love as it's my 1st fastish car with a great spec full spotless leather interior etc
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HOW COULD YOU GET RID OF THIS FOR AN E36. E46 I would of understood...

moment of madness mate but got a s3 straight after as never got on with the bmw.
if i had the chance i would buy another one and do the same mods to it ibiza cupra loved it..
Had a 2006 520D Sport.......for 4 months! Hated it.