Jabbasport or Revo Remap?


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May 19, 2011
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Ive currently got a audi a3 2.0 tdi 140. Im looking into getting it remapped and the 2 companys that i have come across are Jabbasport and Revo.

Jabbasports remap seems to be cheaper than the revo one and produce more power so im swaying towards them.

My question is has anybody used these companies remaps and what did they think about them?​
Im wanting to do the same. was told that revo were good by most people for the S3 but then some say that they are not???? lol got to get some hoses done some time too and its draining me :sob:
Used REVO Stage 2 on 1.8T mk4 golf and was brilliant! Also just had my A3 TDI 140 done and it's fantastic and very smooth. Just need DMF before I kill it... :-(
use jabba mate i used them last year and there maps i find are very good and quite aggressive highly recommended!!!!
I've had Revo on 2 LCR's and now my S3. Going with them on new S3. Wife's Ibiza TDi 140 had Revo and it was mental - almost too quick for her.

As they're quite different animals (Revo is sold through franchise outlets) whereas Jabba is straight from the seller, it depends on:

1) Location proximity
2) Building a rapport - future mods / fault finding

Speak to both about your plans, and see which offers you the best service from the off. At the end of the day a map is a map is a map, there's nuances of difference between them all (unless you want a very specific state of tune like Stage 2 +). Customer service needs to be imperative to keep you happy and more importantly running at optimum performance!
i didnt find jabba very helpful, i went there looking at doing a k04 upgrade on my a3 1.8t and they told me it couldnt be done :s
My 2005 140TDi was supplied on 33,000 miles with the Revo remap. There was plenty of get up and go but it had a massive torque peak. After a few hardware mods: exhaust, air intake and EGR delete I went to Jabbasport. The car's response is much better and linear which is what I asked them to do as opposed to creating another spike to deliver pointless BHP bragging rights. They said it could have delivered at least an extra 10 BHP but at the cost of having a peaky response. Having the rolling road print out is nice.

The car flies, achieves 60+MPG according to DIS 2 and has just hit 100,000 miles.
Revo or alternative APR. Jabbas map on my mates ED30 stage2+ only made 305hp. My ED30 Revo pulled lengths on him. He has now changed to APR and i can just slightly pull away.

IMO Revo :)