A4 cab 2.5 tdi advice


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Sep 7, 2009
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Warminster, Wiltshire
Hi all. Was looking at getting a 2.5 tdi A4 cab and was just looking for some reviews from owners for reliabilty? Or is there a better all round engine?
The v6 tdi is a good engine, dont listen to the nay sayiers ! I wished they built it quattro though as the 180bhp engine kicks *** and the convertible is quite heavy !
i bought an a4 cabriolet 2.5tdi in january, have loved every second of owning it. havent had anything go wong with mine so far.

you wont be disappointed if you decide to get one.
the 2.5tdi is a beast, it does use more fuel than the 1.9TDI but that is not rocket science, the cams are pron to ware on them at about the 170k miles area and may need replacing, this can be a few quid as they are about £170 each and there are 4, The Turbos do go on them too at about 80k miles depending on the way its been used, cost are about £400 for a re-con unit and can be changed by anyone with a set of sockets and a small 13mm spanner,

All in all, as long as the service history is there and can be held up then the 2.5 are fairly trouble free, they have to work less to get the 2 ton car moving that the 1.9tdi, they pull very well and smoothly and will soon hit 100mph in no time, you can chip them upto about 215-220 from the 180BHP, The Quattro model is better for road handling and snow and rain driving is a breesse when you see all the BMWs stuck on the side of the snowy roads!
Just to clarify, the B6 2.5Tdi Cabs are all 163 bhp and fwd.
Just to clarify, the B6 2.5Tdi Cabs are all 163 bhp and fwd.
Yeah, that's why i wishe they've done a quattro180bhp version but it looks like audi would have shot themselves in the foot as i dont think the 3.0 tdi would have sold too well then !
Hi mate i own a 2.5 tdi cab and i have had it mapped i love it the drive is so smooth and the engine does have abit of grunt in it.. it is abit juicy around town but its great when your on the motorway
mine is atrocious or just plain bad luck, bought with 95k on the clock,
101k engine self destructed snapped a cam, new engine a ake lump from a allroad a6 fitted new belts genuine and waterpump fitted on the new motor,
105k vp44 diesel pump went faulty
otherwise good