Retro fitting Cruise Control to TDi


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Mar 19, 2009
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I may be comign into ownership of a 52 plate A4 tdi Sport Avant. Trouble is, it's not got leater or Cruise.

Leather, I can sort without too much of a problem, but Cruise Control is a must.

What's involved with fitting it? Are there other models I can take bits from that fit the B6 chassis?


You will need the correct steering control module which may or may not be fitted to your car as standard, lower steering column trim and a stalk.... after that it takes about an hour to fit and code....

Anything from 2001 to 2008 B6/B7 model will do.....
Steering control module?

I did a similar conversion to my B5 1.8T Sport and my friends B5 S4 by utilising the stalk from an A8 and a loom I got from germany.

Is it the same principle with the B6, or is it an additional/extra stalk I need... not just an extra slide/button on the stalk from a 'better' model?
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The A4 uses a different stalk completely for the cruise control, it is not a switch on the indicators like a lot of other VW group cars, hence the need for a lower steering column housing as well...

The A4 also has a CAN-BUS wiring system with lots of control units that talk to each other, hence why you need a compatible steering wheel control module, most cars cannot support cruise as they have a module that will not accept the coding...

I have just had cruise and a full DIS system retro fitted hence why i know what's required...
If you have a MFSW then you automatically have the correct Steering ECU. If not then you would need to check the ECU version. This can be done by unscrewing the top cowelling thats held in place by T8 screws which can be accessed through the lower cowling, which will then reveal the part # of the Steering ECU. Or the easiest way would be to check it in VCDS!
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Yeah... Jonny has already offered his services to me. If the deal comes off, I'll be in touch!

A guy is wanting to p/x his 52 plate 1.9tdi Avant Sport against my M3 Evo saloon. It might not happen as the A4 might not be up to scratch. We'll have to wait and see how this week pans out...
If I remember correctly, the prices quoted apply if you have the correct control module, otherwise it's more expensive, I think it's appx £150 for the unit from Audi, I got mine from a breakers.....
So what is the part, exactly, that I will need to make sure it all works.

Also, how can I check whether or not I have the correct control module in the first place...?