12 pin quadlock to 8 pin iso converter


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Hi Simon, The Same one i think is available on german ebay and post to uk i'm sure i seen one as i always check german ebay for parts as there usually always cheaper and atleast you'll be protected by paypal. I'll see if i can find it in a minute.


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Hi Thank you for taking the time to find the link for me, very much appreciated. I had not thought about looking on German Ebay. I'm off to stick my order in.

Thanks again mate:icon_thumright:


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HelloI have the same question, I want to use Xcarlink 8 pin of 12 pin RCD 300.
Wonder what the issue is, is it possible.
Worked Xcrlink with this adapter 8 pin - 12 pin.
To buy a adapter.
car-tec-tronix-Shop - CD Wechsler-Adapter 8-Pin Wechsler an 12-Pin Radio/Navi

Thank you

I'm from Bulgaria and I bought the adapter from:

ПРОТОН - Електронен магазин - гр. Разград