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Feb 6, 2009
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I have a fbmfsw from a TTS that I want to fit into my sportback. I already have a mfsw in my car, so I know it's a straight swap slip ring and module wise. The issue is the airbag I bought from ebay has the plug that goes into the steering wheel itself, but not the one that goes into the slip ring. The wiring on the airbag loom is also slightly butchered as seen in the pic below.


I'm wondering if my current airbag as seen in pic below, will have the same loom as the round airbag picture above, that I can then swap around. Save me the headache of trying to work out what repair wires and connector I will need to fix the current loom in elsawin or save me going to order another one from Audi.

Sorry but it won't work according to ETKA

The wiring loom part number you have on your existing wheel is likely to be 8P0 971 589 Q

The one for the fbmfsw is :- 8J0 971 589 B

I would suspect that the loom has been butchered to make the airbag work with a single stage airbag system which it was not designed for in an effort to prevent warning lights on the DIS !
Yes I think that was the case about butchering it as there was another connector that came with it to but not the one I need buy the look of the amount of pins it has.

So will a new loom just be plug and play when swapping?
So will a new loom just be plug and play when swapping?

I couldn't possibly make that call mate - even if it fits plug and play how sure you could be that it will work if needed is anybody's guess !

I'm afraid all I can help you with is the part number in ETKA.

Please ask Audi the question
Audi would say no even thought it's clearly possible, lol. The airbag part number is the same as a facelift Audi A3 airbag so I know they work, and many have them retrofitted here.

Thanks for checking etka though Mike, much appreciated.

I think I'll need a new loom to get things working... Might have to check elsawin afterall :(
Anybody reading fitted one of these? Did the fbmfsw loom just plug straight in?
I fitted a FBMFSW out of a TT to my A3.
I had to get the TT loom 8J0 971 589 B but I was converting from non MF.
But it all works as it should.
Cheers mate, so the TT loom was plug and play then? I had another look at etka and it's the same airbag part no. and loom number for TT and A3 so I am hoping that it's all good. Just thought I could save a trip to Audi and £35 :) lol.

I'm going to order the new loom today, but I found a thread that a dude says he modded his old one to suit, doesn't seem to have been online for a while so I guess it's a new loom.

for the sake of £35 mate think id want a new loom rather then trying to fix an old one lol
Lol, It's the pita of ordering in and going to Audi when you have work etc to contend with.... Getting these things done myself to spare a few bob and time. But ultimately your right mate, and I've ordered the new loom :)
totally know what you mean, it is always a hassle trying to get to places to get these things sorted out
hopefully your loom will turn up soon and you can get it all together, i still need a fbmfsw!
Fortunately matey at the mechanics is taking delivery of it from TPS then hopefully I'll get it done during lunch tomorrow as he's just around the way from me. The wheels are coming up frequently on ebay for decent money - £350 - £400 including airbag from what I can see
ah thats handy
ive not seen any that cheap in the last week or so, but ive only just started looking again, ideally id want a ttrs one but they are pretty expensive and ive not even seen one come up on there, so may have to bite the bullet and get it full price. got other things to sort on the car first like more power and suspension, urgh too much money haha
Tell me about it mate, if it's not one thing it's another and I'm after a set of S5/S4 seats so I'll be budgeting for those, hence doing a lot of my new retrofits personally and saving a few £££ quid. I remember you talking about more power + BBK & to be fair if I had an S3 then I'd be after a lil more power myself before tarting her up lol
the S5 seats are gorgeous so i dont blame you for wanting a set!
know what you mean about trying to do parts yourself. ive done as much as i can, but for a lot of teh stuff i just dont have the know-how or the tools so end up spending a lot of money just on fitting :(

yea mine is getting there slowly, ive done the BBK and that has made a amazing difference to the car and im getting another dose of power on thursday so soon ill be moving on to the looks which will make a nice change!

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