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What colour S3 Avus for the Track?

  • Porsche Guards Red

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Sounds like an awesome idea. Is it a decent size/depth intercooler?

I've done a fair bit of research and this one should do the job plus it uses standard 63mm pipework and I don't have to cut the crash bar or loose the fog lights. I'm on my phone at the mo so can't post the link but search for 63mm intercooler on eBay and you'll see it. I've then found all the other bits I need from mr silicone.
Cool well I look forward to seeing how you go. I'll be doing this at some stage myself I imagine. I imagine heat is going to be an issue here in summer :ohmy:
Westle, I would be very interested in a similar set up. What other bits and pieces do you need to fit one of these. 200 quid sounds like a bargain compared to other brands.
Can you take some fotos of your install???

And do a list of the parts needed?

I've one IC like that stopped here, new and I was thinking to sell it and go for the AH FAB.... Now I'll wait...
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I'll get a list of parts up later lads once I'm off my phone.

I'll do loads of pics and a guide.

This afternoons job is adjustable tie bars and might get time to finally fit my S4 wheels ;)
Sounds like a great find if it does the job! At that price I think half of ASN will be buying one, including me. Looking forward to that write up, good work!!
Nice thread, you have spent a small fortune on your car over the last few weeks, hope it all comes together for you.
Westle what are you doing mate you can't do Late Night Mechanics on a Sunday afternoon lol
Well it was a late one.........

started at 18:30 and finished at 23:30!

Anyway I got everything done I wanted to.

First up while I waited for S3 Baby (Tam) to turn up I started removing the old Autobahn TIP, it has served me very well.


I then started to knock up the Badger TIP:


You need to cut off a section of the plastic pipe or it wont fit down into the Badger TIP:


Here it is fitted:


Tam then arrived so we abandoned the TIP for the time being and got cracking on fitting some of s3dave's adustable tie bars. Loosened off the outer nut:


Then to be able to get a socket on the upper nut and bolt you need to remove the big bolt that holds the Haldex unit in:


With this out the way you can access the top bolt:


We then made the adjustable tie bar the same length as the standard one. Going for a 4 wheel alignment on Wednesday:


Then fitted the bad boy:



We then set about the lower tie arm as I had some new poly bushes to fit. To get the old rubber bush out set fire to the fecking thing it's great fun:



The bush can then be pushed out with a screw driver:


New poly bushes going in:


And rear arm fitted:

After fitting the tie bars I was desperate to fit my S4 wheels. So the PCD adapters were fitted:


The new wheels awaiting their destiny ;)




They fill the arches perfectly:


The cherry on the cake was the audi dust caps:






I'm well happy with the wheels, absolutely love them and they suit the 8L so well. I'll get some decent pics up after a good wash.
It was then back to the TIP.

Got the bottom section on, then the middle alloy piece:



As I was fitting this TIP to my standard airbox I had to trim the top hose quite a bit. I found that a Dolmio bottle worked a treat lol:


Tam got excited as we got the top hose fitted:


All done up:




Now before fitting the Badger TIP I did some logging on the autobahn TIP with my boost wound down to 17PSI due to it over boosting with the new turbo. This gave me a very healthy reading of 204g/s (255bhp) so tomorrow i'll do some logging with the Badger TIP and see what gains I get.
Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the TIP. Was it an easy fit? Also, where did you get the alloy bung from? I'll need one as well.
Alloy bung is from eBay mate, like lots of things in my engine bay ;)

This was my 2nd time of fitting a B5 TIP as I helped Tam do his. It was a lot easier 2nd time round to get the turbo sleeve on and the lower pipes. The hardest part on mine was fittin it to the airbox. It was much easier with a jetex!
Cool thanks mate. I have a plastic one but I'll get a decent alloy one.

I'm fitting mine with a Jetex but worried what it's going to be like with no heat shield. Not sure whether to hack up my air box like Tuffty? How did you support the MAF/Jetex on your mates?
Looking awesome man! So glad you like the wheels, but you could have cleaned them first! haha.

needs to be hit with the lowering stick now i reckon, otherwise you've got no chance of leaving your subframe mark on the exit of karusell!
Looking awesome man! So glad you like the wheels, but you could have cleaned them first! haha.

needs to be hit with the lowering stick now i reckon, otherwise you've got no chance of leaving your subframe mark on the exit of karusell!

A little daylight pic for you from this morning:


I dont want to go any lower mate, i'm happy with it as it is ;) Oh and I'll leave you at the Karusell while you're going round the outside ;)
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That does look good actually! Is it already lowered a bit?

I still drop into Karusell every time, I just happen to grind the subframe on the exit almost every lap! Not that I give a **** :beerchug:
I have, but I read it yonks ago when you started it, so I forgot :) I'm at work so can't browse back through pages to check, must keep it subtle ;)

Looks awesome on those wheels man :)
Just booked in for 4 wheel alignment on Wednesday morning. Is it worth taking custom settings for them to do? My mate said 3 degrees of camber but I dont want to go through tyres too quickly!
My mate said 3 degrees of camber

I don't know what settings are ideal, but 3 dergees is TOO much for sure. You won't even get 3 degrees at teh front on S3 running gear, i think about 2 is the most you can get up front.

At the back, the whole idea of adjustable arms is to reduce the negative camber brought about by lowering.

Speak to JoJo, I think he has some pretty awesome geo setup on his second S3

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