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What colour S3 Avus for the Track?

  • Porsche Guards Red

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  • Kawasaki Green

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Im just really worried i'd bin it into the armco...
thats excitement bro, as long as you got ya polythene pants on you'll be fine ;)
I bought my new wheels a little present to cheer them up as they're sitting all alone in the garage:


How long do you think it'll be before the local kids are riding round with them on their bikes!
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sure i just seen them on some kids bike on way home better go check the car m8 lol
Some unscheduled "Late Night Mechanics" tonight!

After work I headed over to my local Audi/Seat to collect a LCR front splitter and a Xenon adjuster arm that i'd ordered last week. As I neared the stealers I pressed the clutch pedal in and it never came back up. Coasted round the corner and pulled up to inspect.

I found the following bits in my footwell:


So I went into the stealers and collected my parts. I took the 2 above pieces and asked them what I need to order. I ended up ordering just some small piece of plastic thinking that's all I'll need but it appears i need a whole new pedal. Anyway they had none of the parts in so I started to work out how to get the car home.

Got my mate Paul to come over in his work van and he said he could drive it home with no clutch. He drove my car home about 15 miles and I followed in his van.

Even though the old girl had just let me down, following her made me realise how much of a good looking car the 8L S3 is and it was a pleasure to be in a van behind following.

Anyway, got the car home and into my garage. A common sight for some late night action :eyebrows::


I whiped out the dedicated Late Night Mechanics laptop, and got the tunes pumping:


Lower dash trim off:



Unscrew pedal:


Pedal out:


This is where the metal has snapped:


But not too sure where this black piece of plastic goes?:


So with that lot off and in my bag to take to Audi tomorrow I decided to get on with some other jobs as the tools were out.

First up I replaced the xenon arm that sits on the passenger side suspension arm and looks like this:


I removed the old one as the bottom ball joint part had come away:



Then fitted the new shiny one:


I turned on the ignition and fired up the xenons, the adjuster motor mad a load of noise then stopped, sorted.

Next up was to re-route my boost guage T-piece. Welly mentioned the other day in another thread that any kind of leak in the FPR hose is bad news for fueling and that running the boost gueage off the FPR was just increasing a chance of a leak. So I re-routed from the DV hose like so:


I was meant to be dropping the car off with 4Rings tomorrow night ready for my service and turbo refurb but this little pedal problem looks like it might delay me a day or 2.
ughh pedal snappage seems to be popping up on here all the time now!! dreading mine going!! lol. any chance you can let me know how much it sets you back please mate? might just order one and keep it in the car just incase!!

your sooo lucky you have a nice size garage to work in at night :( im stuck out in the dark/cold with my neighbours glaring at me out of their windows when i take on late night mechanics lol
You need to get yourself some TT alloy pedal covers! They look so much better than the boring black standard ones. Defo make my car go faster!!!!
Nice one dude hope you can get it sorted today!
At least you didnt try and drive home either.... :(
Have they revised the design of it at all do you know? Looking at it there is just no need for it to be designed the way it is!

Nope, no revision to the design AFAIK. A few people have had extra weld put on there to strengthen it.
Do you actually read my posts ;)

My mate turned up in his Van and then drove my car home for me with no clutch and I followed in his van.

I try, I really do!

But all has become clear, big props to your mate, I just broke my gearbox lol
Do you actually read my posts ;)

My mate turned up in his Van and then drove my car home for me with no clutch and I followed in his van.

bummer mate.... there is an upgraded part, trouble is you have to buy an 8P to benefit from it ;) :)
looks great, where did you get your boost gauge holder from that fits into the vent?
Westle what was up with your old arm? How much was it aswell?
No you spoon, your xenon arm, not the clutch pedal lol.
Glad you liked it. What differences did you notice?

The car certainly pulls a lot harder than it did before. I also noticed that when I put my foot down after backing off for a corner or whatever, the car seems to respond much more quickly.. It seems to hold boost a lot better than before. It sounds better as well, I noticed a nice little growl from the engine at around 4000RPM onwards.
Dude it's easy, just takes a bit of time

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