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Nov 2, 2009
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Hi All

I just picked up a 2.5 TDI QUATTRO Avant multi. I only got 330 miles from full to the red which seems very low. What should I be getting before the red light comes on from full?

What are they like remapped?
That doesn't seem too bad for an auto 2.5tdi.

really depends how you drove it I guess
Most 2.5Q drivers will see 400 - 450 a tank, so it does sound a bit low, the auto will cost you a few mpg though I'm sure.

Have you actually worked out the mpg by calculating miles done for litres used, as the DTE gauge can be quite pessimistic.
Well i presume he has another 50 miles in the red so that gives him 380 to a tank, which isnt too bad i guess.

Plus he has just got the car so maybe seeing what it can do, lots of short quick journeys?
My sons 2.Tdi Quattro triptonic shows aconstant 350 per tank 30mpg but this is mainly slow mway commutes of about 10miles .My manual version same car will give 450 or 35 mpg mainly urban use.Both have tuning boxes but it seems its more effective in mine.Both are much better in open road longer journeys so it depends on how you use them
That seems right.

I filled up today - 51 ltrs and still had around quarter tank left (DIS showing 85 miles left before empty)
With the 3 quarter tank I done 290 miles.

On a average I get around 350 miles - mixture of motorway (70mph) and city driving.

Pure motorway driving - 440miles.
Mine is a 2.5TDI wauttro manual, but the warning light comes on when I am 50litres into a tank (i.e. around 15litres remaining): given that I've usually done anything from 300 to 400 miles by this stage, I reckon I could get 450-500miles on a tank if I was running it to empty (i.e. over 100 miles with the "0 miles remaining" light on).... I've got >400 miles a few times and usually put <60 litres into the tank afterwards.

Once general be-puzzlement: you state that you have a:

2.5 TDI QUATTRO Avant multi

I assume you mean a 2.5TDI quattro AUTO (tiptronic, but regular auto)... as I'm pretty sure that the the multitronic (CVT) gearbox has never been fitted to any Audi quattro system, certainly not in an A4 B6.
Currently getting around 500 to a tank in my 2.5 quattro 180 manual, Tbh i really dont notice a difference in fuel consumption over my last 1.9. Probably because i dont have to drive it as hard to reach the same given speed.
To answer the original thread: for my manual quattro V6 TDI under normal, moderately enthusiastic driving, I'll be around 375miles miles before the light comes on... but I think my light does come on early (50 litres out of 65 litres consumed).... the most I've seen before a light was a sniff under 450 miles before the light came on, but that was a pre-warmed motorway cruise and I WAS driving Miss Daisy.
Then Im not doing too bad so, what are they like powerwise remapped?
i got 490 miles from a tank in my 2.5 tdi, yorkshire to london and back with a few short runs thrown in. had it remapped a while ago and got 550 miles doing the same trip weekend just gone.

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