removing front fogs


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Feb 18, 2011
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hi guys, i have some lamin-x to go the fogs on my car, and was wondering how you remove the fogs to do it, it looks like you can just pull the plastic surround out to get to them, but wanted to make sure, had a search and couldnt find anything! the bumper is s-line if that makes any difference, thanks
as far as i know you just pull out the fog light surround (dont know how it comes off tho as ive got a sport) and there should be 3 torx screws holding the fog in place not sure on the size , easy
thanks, tugged it out anyway! but because mine is an 03 with an 07 front end, the glass/plastic was just bonded in! no fog lights behind them, so lamin-xing them was a bit of a challenge, not the neatest job but cant really tell once they are on the car! thanks
i bet the grills hide the edges anyway so i bet they look good one the car , i was thinking of doing this myself when i get my s-line font end
yea looks ok, half tempted to try yellow tho!
How do these grills come out? my MY11 seems as though they are very tight in there, pulling the grill makes the whole bumper move...

on the sport there is a little tab you have to push down and pull the grill out could be the same on the new a3's but not sure mate
Yea I'm Tempted, I have the yellow stuff too, but no more black, for some reason I think it might not work tho? Dunno, maybe yellow is suited more too Oem plus, might have to get some one to do a photoshop!
im thinking more towards yellow for mine , ashley has got some yellow on his car it looks very nice and the headlights he has got in dark tint too

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