A4 Phantom Black Black Edition Avant Delivered


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Mar 15, 2011
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So I went to pickup the car yesterday and as I was going into the showroom saw the tail end of it and mmmm it looked good. After much faffing about (just gimme the goddam car!!) was finally taken out and got a good look round the outside and any concerns I had totally disappeared.

The wheels look absolutely stunning in person (not sure if will translate on pics below) and it handles fantastic. Only really had a chance to drive about 40 miles but really good power out of it and really like the petrol feel. MMI feels really good to use lots of configuration possible so need to have a really good play with it. Space is nice in front and even in back with my seat position which as 6ft4in is quite impressive. Audi dog guard is really good and the mutt seems happy with the extra space.

Have car in at work with me and camera so if anyone (bizarrely) wants any specific pics then let me know






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This is a very bittersweet thread for me!

It looks fantastic bud! Wheels look amazing, and so does the rest of the car!

Wow, looks great in Phantom Black too! Wondered how the wheels would look in black, but think it looks great. Love mine in White, looking forward to seeing a BE in other colours too!


Out of interest how much was the dog guard and what hound to you have?
Looks good. :)

What's with the rear badging? TFSI ??

Is this what's coming out now or have you changed something?
Very nice car, BUT a even BETTER engine choice. Can't stand the amount of diesels we have on our roads now, this makes a refreshing change. Hate diesels so badly...lol

Before you all say 'but you drive a diesel yourself Fahim!'...I'm only 20. Given the choice, it would be petrol :(
They come now with either TDI or TFSI, this applies to all models now I believe, or so the dealer told me? Although saying that I'd be pretty cheesed off I bought an RS4 with TFSI on the back lol!

I've ordered the petrol, just for a change as I've had diesels for many years and loved the BMW diesel engine as well, but loved the Audi TFSI engine during my test drives. My only concern is the frequency of visits to the petrol station and the inconvenience of it all!
I'm 50/50 on the wheels.

I like them on the right hand side of the car but not on the left hand side.

Love it, very nice.

And i agree, it's good to see another 2.0TFSI quattro- too many diesels around!!!!!!
In terms of the dog guard (and yes it is a rip off) I think it was in region of £200 but my reasoning was I spent that much on car I do not want a non-audi dog guard scratching roofing/upholstery. The dog guard hooks into the ceiling eyelets and looks not too bad too. The dog thats currently in there is a German Shorthaired pointer who I am not yet convinced likes the car - perhaps new car smell :)

I went for the Petrol as I wanted auto and quattro and for me the natural choice was Petrol for amount of miles I did. I do prefer the smoother power delivery that I get from Petrol and moving from 140ps to 211ps is quite a jump - no longer get the coming up sliproad, get flashed out and have to get head smacked into headrest when power hits and car jumps down gears. Perhaps due to amount of power available in most gears.

Some other comments on car
  • MMI - Really liking this in the car and starting to get used to fiddling on the move. IPOD integration is really useful (need to re-rip CD's and transfer to HDD) in meantime and nav system is funky
  • Ride Quality - I was worried about 19's hence why spec'd into drive select but it really does ride great feeling planted round corners without hitting tiny stones and feeling like driven over a speed bump. I can only compare it to my A3 S-line with 18's and its night and day - the A3 crashed over every bump.
  • Looks - Its rather sleek so for me looks a bit un-estate like and had a few comments to that effect already. Stunning looks imo
  • Space - Even with me sitting in my comfortable position driving wise (hate how long it takes to get seat perfect in a new car) enough space behind my seat. Not bad for 6ft 4in
  • Black - I really like how all the black edition options work well with the car being black but as expected going to be a total pain to attempt to keep clean. Methinks I need to work on my detailing skills which are currently non-existent.
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Looks GREAT in Phantom Black, love the wheels too, agree about the look of the car " un-estate like" . Strange how certain colours can change the look of a car. Have on many occasion turned around and had a second look at a car that has caught my eye because of the colour and been surprised what make of car it was.
Can anyone tell me if there is an AUX in in the centre armrest? I use spotify which I don't think will work with AMI
Had the car a few weeks now and really enjoying the drive its just a pleasure to drive and comfortable too. Only niggle (which perhaps is due to nature of my slow speed to work) is getting about 300 miles out of a tank :eek: Now I did find in my A3 it took a long while for the engine to improve its fuel efficiency but I hope it does pick up as I got 400 out of my A3 diesel and that was with a tank that was 15litres smaller. Still could be worse - could have got an S4 Avant!
is getting about 300 miles out of a tank!

Once mine went over about 8k miles or so, the range increased. I average around 400 to a tank, depending on my foot and where i'm going. I think thats fine for a 2.0T quattro car!!!!
yeh i was expecting 400 from a tank so in line with my A3 with the larger tank. just need to go on some nice long trips methinks!

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