Car cut out won't start


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Jan 27, 2009
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Guys, my car (2.5tdi) has cut out on me again on a roundabout. I've just done a quick scan with my code reader n got the following:

0222 data cable defective
0214 supply voltage
0526 control unit for injection pump
463a engine control unit blocked

Any ideas? Fuel pump was buzzing for a bit after it cut out.

To say I'm unhappy is a f*ing understatement all power went and nearly trashed the car at some speed. Steering went and I almost went straight off the road! Arrrrrggghhh!
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Just to add starter coil light is flashing too....?
i dont know if the coil light is a red herring, from experience this flashes when there is an engine management issue, but mine has only ever flashed when both break lights are out....

having looked at your codes, it could be because of item 4 in your list.

The main crux of your problem seems to point to an injection pump problem, and coupled with the symptoms you described, cut out etc, this is almost identicial to the problems I experienced when my injection pump was knackered.

If it is your injection pump, which more than likely it is, then expect a repair bill of between grand to 1200 depending on who you take it too. I would recommend finding a local bosch dealer to refurb your pump, and you may need to have it coded back when its fitted, something that a member on here called shark performance should be able to help you with. The pump you have on the car is Bosch VP44, and its usually the electronics on the top if that get ****** which is the cause of the malfunction. Full pump refurb is the only option unless any one else on here disagrees?

Expect to pay around £600 for the refurb pump, and about £350 - £500 labour as it is a front off job. You may also consider getting timing belt, waterpump, thermostat done same time if they are anywhere near due, as these can cause problems further down the line and you'll have to fork out for labour again...
Thanks for the reply. Not what I wanted to hear, but pretty much what I expected when I saw the codes. I think the ignition light is just a symptom of whatever else is going on.

The car cut out randomly about a month ago and I figured it was immobiliser as there weren't any fault codes or anything then it started up again and ran fine for weeks.

Yesterday I managed to limp to a carpark in 100 yard blasts.

So next step I guess is get it on a proper diagnostics to make sure it is the injection pump before phoning some garages. Reckon the AA would be able to do it? It's a Quattro so would need a flat bed but I want to know the problem so I can phone around for best price, rather than dumping the car just anywhere and being at the mercy of whatever price they quote.
i doubt the AA could get your injection pump diagnosed as this is a specialist area. From what I can remember, to test the pump, you would have to have it removed and set up on a test bench working in isolation. Your best bet will be to find a diesel injection specialist locally..
Took the car out today and it drove perfectly. Which seems strange to me if it is the injector pump. I'd have thought if it's gone, it's gone for good? (Or would it carry on working and keep throwing up intermittent faults?)

The mechanic who looked over the car says it seems to have a feint tapping noise to one side as though one or two of the injectors are blocked so I've ran an cleaner through it and it does sound better.

Also i've taken the tuning box off. This intercepts the injector pump. Maybe that's malfunctioned? I don't know what to do at the moment as even if i took it to a garage the codes have been cleared so they'll have nothing to go on until it cuts out again..........If it does
yeah mine was intermittent at first, evidenced by what can only be described as a misfire at speed. Best thing would be to run it down, and if it is your injection pump then the intermittent fault will become more and more apparent.
I'd sell it!!

Sounds expensive. Good luck mate.

That's what i'm doing at the moment. Used it this weekend and not a glitch. Seems to run a lot smoother without the tuning box on and after 2 cans of injector cleaner so guess i'll see how it goes
If the pump fails then get-it it refurbed by dieselbob then have an independent fit-it for you. You dont need to take off the front of the car to fit the pump, it can be done from above without removing the bumper,etc. I for shure done few pumps so if you need it done, drop me a line... It could be your tuning box that's faulty, however that fault hints that the pump electronics does not comunucate properly with the ECU. Did the car had a new battery replaced recently ? I have found that electrical spikes tend to blow ABS contol units and pump control units...
Thanks, Not had a new battery for a year or more so not sure if there would be an electrical spike. Running it now until it does it again then i'll get it on a proper vagcom to get a more comprehensive set of fault codes.

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