a4 Advant 1.8t (NEW TURBO!) Help me plz!


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May 29, 2010
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Hi there i have a 2004 audi a4 advant 1.8t s line not quattro,

after may stops at the garage for a serging/wavey ride at higher revs they came to the fault as the turbo and said i need a new one, audi price £900 for a re con fitted!

i cant help but feel this is way to much? iv been told by "friends" fitting is and easy 1/2 - 1 day and parts can be around £200-300 not the £600 odd re con price i got from audi and they said £750ish new!

does anyoen know what part i need for my car or any other tips?

Thanks Alot!

Hi Richard,

You'll need the part number from the current turbo or Audi to tell you from you chassis number (checking the unit will be easier)

We had the same thing on our 130tdi golf. I bought a re-cored turbo from turbo active, cost about £400, so new core and old shells that had been cleaned up - looked like new.

Then I asked a local garage to fit as the turbo is behind the engine in the golf - fitting cost £150 including oil.

I'd say possible to DIY on an A4 but maybe get a quote first!

give theses guys a try Prestige Engine Products <sales@prestigeengine.co.uk or tell 01905 792211
take the turbo off
send it either to turbo dynamics AET etc etc
and have them recon it
will range between 250 and 450 depending on why its gone !
if it has gone
thanks so much for your help! just for my info were is the turbo and how can i find teh number?!! im a plasterer not a car man! here is a pic attached of my car

Look down the lefthand (drives) side of the engine.

Part number should be on a flat part of the cold side which is the silver bit.

Good luck!

here she is? what number is it?

EDIT I've removed the image. Do you really want your chassis number on display on the internet....?
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thats your vin number
as above look on drivers side

when you find turbo look more to the front of car for part number
ah thanks i let you know how i get on! audi said re con will cost me £650 odd yet i look on ebay and the prices range from £180-£400?!

are they trying to rob me
dont get from ebay
send it off to a good turbo shop
turbo dynamics
etc etc
theres loads they will pick it up and redeliver it
ah thanks i let you know how i get on! audi said re con will cost me £650 odd yet i look on ebay and the prices range from £180-£400?!

are they trying to rob me

Whether they're trying to rob you depends on your interpretation of dealer pricing. As all things you get what you pay for, audi will give a two year warranty I expect.
well the garage is not audi it just sells audi and seat/vw , but i understand you get what you pay for. any how had a look! is this the number onthe brass section? sorry really not my field


ok thats your cat box me thinks the turbo looks like a snale shel if that helps up a bit more from the last pic

Not sure if this picture will work (iphone and tapatalk) but it shows the flat on the cold side with the info on.

i think that was it in my last pic! is this DIY to remove or should a garage do this?
to be honest id get a garage to take it off and refit
reason i say this is that you couldnt find it no offence but you say ya not a spanner man
have it removed you send it off to get it recon will be cheaper then get them to refit also get a new oil feed pipe
kool well there is a mobile ma who may pop in to remove for me, thansk for all your help!
iv been told that the turbo never goes on my car, and that they have got ti wrong, serging problems linked to a turbo would be clear not just at high revs? getting a second option 2moro!