32GB SD Card for RNS-E MK2


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Feb 7, 2011
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I need to buy a 32GB card for my MK2 RNS-E unit, but know that there are compatibility issues with certain brands, classes etc.

So can people who have a reliable 32GB card that works with their MK2 unit post up the exact card details please?

I'll be buying online so cant be bothered with trial and error until I get the right one.

Thanks :icon_thumright:
They've come down in price.

Scan.co.uk: Award winning supplier, performance hardware & systems

The one I bought from there isn't for sale anymore and at the time was £70 which was the cheapest, they've come down alot now, but I've had no problems whatsoever. Got 17GB of music on mine and flicks between the tracks without a problem.
I bought a 32gb Kingston Class 4 from amazon and it doesn't work - not sure if it is a fake

With the 32gb Kingston Class 10 I purposely bought it from a big well known supplier
I can supply working 32GB class 10 sdhc cards, guaranteed to work with mk2 rns units, quick buggers too, PM if interested.