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Dec 14, 2004
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North London
Yet another post by me about my beauty.. sorry guys i am being a pain but im just so excited about my new car /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/1luvu.gif
I would like to get the arm rest for it and would like to know how much it costs and where the cheapest/best place to purchase it from is. i have black leather interior and it is a 1.8TQ on 51 plate, thanks.
I got one from Audi, cant remember the price but it was a bit of a ****** to fit. Worth it though
Yeah wouldnt mind a black leather one myself, 2003 A3 TdiQ.

would want a geniune one too.
vagparts will be ur best bet, also check ebay as will be cheaper!
Ive got one and have never used it, gets in the way when in the down position so just stays up all the time.

agreed it gets in the way of the handbrake.
Yep, mines got one too and when it's down, it gets in the way of teh gearstick, when it's up I can't reach into the back.
I wouldn't bother getting one, it's just a pain in the a55 really. I don't really ever have it down.
Yeah get one, great for cruising. You get used to changing gears with it there, doesnt cause me any probs..
looks like i'll have to have a look at a car with 1 in it.. thanks for all the reviews guys.
Pontio said:
looks like i'll have to have a look at a car with 1 in it.. thanks for all the reviews guys.

[/ QUOTE ]

Its not that bad to fit yourself so I wouldn't worry if the car you buy has one or not!

You can pick the bits up for approx £150 (genuine bits) and fit it in a couple of hours. Do a search on arm rest and you'l find all the answers.

I never used to have it down, and agree it's best up and out of the way when you're doing plenty of changes, but on a motorway trip, it's nice to have it down to rest on.
In terms of gear changes, I don't find it gets in the way too much - depends how you grip the gearlever really, but it definitely gets in the way of the handbrake, although I have got used to that as well now.
am used to it and change gear and use handbrake fine with it down - very comfy and does fill gap and give another storage space for junk
spose im just getting lazy but wouldnt know where to put my arm with it up
(the muscles that i used to use in previous cars must have atrophied !!)
I had one on my mk4 golf and I really miss it! (gonna have to get one me thinks /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif).

Although it does get in the way of the handbrake a litle I found that you soon get used to it! And I also found changing gear wasn't too much of a problem as you just used your wrist now instead of your whole arm.

Right... Off to Vagparts!

I've got one and at first I hated it as I found it always got in the way.

Advised by a friend I was being too brutal with the gearstick so I've learnt to be more subtle and as Rich said use the wrist to change gear and not the whole arm. I drive most of the time with it down now - certainly useful on a motorway. Only gets in the way for hillstarts & putting seatbelt on.
Yeah i notice that they get in the way of the handbrake, still want one, lol!!

Just for cruising on the motorways id use it for .

Also the VAG parts arm rests are these proper genuine ones, and does it involve remove console to fit or what?

Thankz in advance
i will go to audi's on saturday probably, they got a couple of 8L's outside, hopefully 1 will have 1 in it. thanks for the reviews.
Initially I found it a pain but now I leave it right at the bottom and have got accustomed to it.
I've got one in my S3, seems fine for changing gears / love the way it has different hight settings... and the reason it lifts up is so you can get to the handbreak... everyone so lazy on here as to have to leave it down all the time??? it does move... /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/laugh_roll.gif

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