Suspension getting worse!


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Mar 4, 2009
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Some of you may know that I have posted before about my suspension not being right, but it appears to be getting worse!

I have had FSD's fitted to my std springs for around 3k now and the ride is very boucey and 'stittish' (sorry if thats not a word!) over bumps. At low speeds you can really tell that the suspension isnt absorbing pot holes or dips in the road as the whole side of the car seems to dip dwn when going over the dip in the road :(

In essence, its exactly the opposite of what I wanted when I fitted the FSD's. As I wanted a more stable ride as I pressed on yet more complaince over the bumpy stuff! I did orignally have Eibach Pro kit springs fitted with the FSD's but the ride was very hard (but good in the corners!) so swaped back to the std springs - its worth mentioning that the springs have covered the life of the car = 143k. With that said, Im sure that are quite tired and need replacing, however I dont want to go replacing them to find that whilst they have firmed thing up a bit they havent cured the problem as the springs cost £284 from TPS!! and £60 fitting.

I have often wonderd if the FSD's are working with the springs as I am aware that all shocks have an 'optimal' operating range. is my car in that range? I would hope so as the FSD's I bought stated 1.9TDI Quattro on the box. If this is that case, would it be better to fit OEM dampers to the existing springs or go the whole hog and get springs and dampers? Would rather not as this would cost far too much!!

So confused and frustrated with the car at the moment as I have spent over 2.5k on it since owning it and I think that anymore expense would push SWMBO over the edge! :(

Its worth mentioning that I still have a problem with loose / vague steering despite changing ALL the multi-link suspension at the front with Lemforder part and a re-coned steering rack...

Any advice would be must appreaciated as I am at my withs end with it now.

Thanks guys.
Sorry to hear about all the problems you're having with your setup. :(

I ran Koni FSD's and Eibach Pro springs on my A3 quattro for nigh on 100k miles, and they were great. After about 40k, my front lost all its damping but Koni replaced them no worries. It's possible that one or more of the dampers is faulty, so can you get them checked? Also, it may be worth checking you have been supplied with the right ones, the garage that supplied and fitted mine returned the first ones as they were incorrect fitment.

I do find my current STD sport setup to be fine to be honest, so maybe that's an option for you? Maybe you could pick a set up from somebody upgrading?

Regarding the loose/vague steering, I don't think the B6 is renowned for its pin sharp steering to be honest, though it shouldn't be as bad as you describe. First things to check are tyre wear, tyre pressures and tracking? Have you had a proper four wheel alignment done since all that work? I took my A3 to a garage that had a Hunter wheel alignment rig. It was the best £80 and one hour I ever spent!
Hi Tooks

Pretty sure they are the righ ones but I have no way of double checking as missus throw the FSD box away! I have had new track rod ends, new tyres and 4 wheel aligment done
Mm, not sure then.

Is your car lower than a std sport now then? I remember when discussing having FSD's fitted to my car that the garage guy said it was critical you fitted the right springs with the shocks. FSD's more than most shocks due to their complex valving require the correct springs to ensure the shock isn't part compressed all the time, which would affect how they worked.

Might be worth giving Koni a call for advice and speak to a tech, they were pretty helpful when I had some questions.
Cheers mate, dont suppose you have a telephone number?
I called the uk importer, don't know if they're the same now as a couple of years ago, and they did have to check with Koni themselves but got back to me quickly.

Current Tel appears to be; 01252 543900
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