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Sep 28, 2010
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Maidstone, Kent
Right ibhad a slight knock before but.....I have now fitted my coilovers and it has a awful knocking noise. Also I have recently changed all the arms on the front cause of this and it's still knocking. This is drivin me insane. Please help.
right i think i have figured out wha my problem is, could it be that due to the car being that much lower at the front that the drive shafts are hitting my anti roll bar? I have seen that they do uprated ones so that this doesnt happen
You should be able to see markings on the driveshaft if it is striking the ARB. Typical problem on many chassis, but Im not familiar with your platform tbh.

How do you find the coilovers, did you get the FK AK Streets? I ask as Im considering some myself :)
It's not the drive shaft they're miles from the anti roll bar. I seriously need some help with this I really don't k ow what to do or where to look. It is only the drivers side that is doin it
Gavla I to had the same problem back in 2009 when i had the AP's fitted, it drove me up the wall trying to find out what the F**k was making the sound from the front end (crashing, clunk ) I could not bare it even some advice i got ment me having to spend more money but the noises were still there. I went out mind in the end and spent the money on Eibach's.
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Well I have only just bought these and it's only the drivers side. I can't figure out any reason behind this. Did u find out what it was
I get a slight knocking noise over light bumps sometimes since lowering my S4, I replaced the arms on the drivers side but still the same, stripped it all down etc and couldnt find anything, I even took it to AMD and they said that nothing was wrong! They have seen this in the past though. Mine is very minimal though so it hasnt bothered me at all!

Yeah I went to Amd to get the front fitted and have had nothing but bother everytime I have been to that place. Even with my old cupra r. There has to be a solution to this. Is it a dodgy kit I have bought or is it just that it's too low
I don't think it's the stuff you've bought as I have h&r lowering springs on and it's doing the same. Have u checked top mounts maybe? Does it make the noise all the time or when your turning at a certain angle?

Typical faults in the past, (although I admit to not being very technical, so I don't want to put you in the wrong direction, but you never know!) are top mounts, and possibly the exhaust knocking?
Defo not exhaust knocking, its such a faint noise on mine the missus can't even hear it!! Not sure how loud the OP's noise is? Are there any guides to removing the shock to check the top mount? Got a few days off later in the week so may as well have a look!!

Is it all the time Gavlar or just when turning hte wheel slightly to the left / right, full lock etc? I've googled it and loads of people have this problem!
Yeah when left to right. Sometimes on bumps. I've been told by venom motorsport to check if Amd have done the top mount properly.

What did google say then
There is a bolt under the battery for part of the steering rack that can come loose, Might be worth checking that.

here is where I read about it. I know its in the A6 forum but its the same on all audi's. not sure if you have to remove the bolts labelled in red as it looks like you can get to the bolt

I have the same noise as Galvar, I ran standard sport springs and no noise then went to Koni sport springs with standard sport shocks and no noise, and Ive fitted Fks now and have the noise, Ive stripped the front end down 3 times now and its still there,on the last time I striped I put an extra washer on the top of the strut and it has made it better but its still there, Im going to take mine to a garage next week who has a shaker and will have another look but at the moment my money is on the top mounts
After this thread i ordered some top mounts for mine which are being fitted Friday, I reckon it could be them as well.... Want to get it 100% before selling up!

After this thread i ordered some top mounts for mine which are being fitted Friday, I reckon it could be them as well.... Want to get it 100% before selling up!


How much are the top mounts roughly? and is it a big job to change them? cheers, Chris
I just bought a pair from Euro Car parts for £34.50 I think they were..... Look ok to do but i'll get my mechanic to do it as i'm lazy!!!!
Didn't think that we would need to replace top mount as such as it's just metal? Mine is only on drivers side
Right I have changed my top mounts and the problem is still there. Anybody got any other ideas?
Mine is now sorted, replaced the top mount and the upper rear wishbone on the drivers front corner and no more knocks. Feel for you mate, its soooo annoying isnt it...
Yep. I dunno if it's cause it's too low or not. It just doesn't make sence anymore. I've had enough now I wanna sell it but spent souch money on it trying to fix this noise. Seems like it's quite a common problem on the a4
Yeah i've heard its common, how low is yours? Mine has quite a low drop but the wishbone replacement has cured it. Relieved wasnt the word when I drove it back from the garage!!!!!
Ditch the Front coilovers buy yourself some S-line shock's and somE lowering spring's ======= NO NOISE.
I can't comment on that, but like i said in alot of post's about coilovers i myself have had the same problem of front end noises.
Yep rears only this time..I remeber you saying that when you take left and right turn's it also makes a noise.
Are the coilover locking rings tight aswel as all fixing bolt's.
Well who would have thought it I have changed the suspension back to what was on it and yep you guessed it the knocking has gone. So I will be getting straight on th phone to venom motorsport demanding a refund. Motor is goin now anyway after all this. Fancy something more fun....... S3 :)
See Like i said many moon's ago on many a coilover thread that fitting them is a big pain in the ****.. We all won't the nice drop but don't want the carzy clunks and bang's.. I'm happy with the combo i have now and most of all Nooo Crazzzy Noises..Gavlar good luck mate..
Go with A4 B5 perch and some lowing spring's (your choice) up front and keep the rear's on coilovers.
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