Dual Air Con/Climate Control blowing cold


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Mar 25, 2009
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I have a 52 plate Audi A4 convertible 2.5tdi with dual aircon/climate control. It has always worked fine up until today. I was taking photos to put it up for sale so had the roof up, then down, then up etc. On the way home from taking the photos, I was a little cold so turned up my side of the heater to HI, but it was blowing out cold air. I have played around with the temperature, used aircon and econ, but it remains cold. The passenger side changes as it should, but not the drivers side.

Can anyone suggest what might be wrong with it and whether I'm looking at mega bucks or if its a cheap fix? I hope its a common problem and a cheap fix as I'm selling the car due to needing money :(

Any help is much appreciated.
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It sounds like one of the adjustment flap mechanism's has come adrift or the motor failed. Get down in the footwell and learn what does what when you move controls on the climate. A VAGcom scan might pick it up depending what it is.
I had this issue, I took off the motor (after locating which does which, as james suggests) lubed up the arms and moved them by hand. Popped them back on. Fine since.
Cheers for that. I will have a go. It was fine this morning but wouldn't want to sell it and it become a problem for the new buyer.
If it's fine it's probably a sticky motor controlling the mechanism.
If you have VCDS you can check the operation of each motor in measuring blocks, i did this today as i have a similar fault. Also they should show a fault code in HVAC module.