S4 Oil Consumption ?

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Mar 9, 2011
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Been reading threads and posts about the notorious oil consumption of the B8 S4. Mine done over 5000 miles already, been taking reading from the DIS when the engine is cold, warm, and running. It is still showing Max. Has anyone had the same experience!?!? I have to say, I did take it easy when running in the engine on the first 3000 miles. Not sure if it affects the oil comsumption. Any comments would be appreciated.
I take it you didnt get the car to a stealer then?

My car is showing just over 7K now and i have used one top up bottle.....which i think is a litre (not sure). I also took the first 1k miles easy, and the car isnt abussed now either.
No, I don't believe the dealer would be helpful, they may think I am nut if I complain my car is not burning oil. Just want to see if others have the same outcome. Thanks!

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