new car with few issues


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Mar 21, 2011
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earby, lancashire, england
hi, i just bought a 1999 a6 2.4se saloon and its got a few problems. first, the front passenger window gets stuck when you put it up and lowers its self will go if pushed. the central locking doesnt work and only the drivers door unlocks with the key the rest will unlock once the ignition is turned on and the rear passenger door doesnt sit flush with the body at the top corner next to the front door also have the same problem with the drivers door but not as bad. would appreciate any help or advice thanks
the window mechanism is knackered by the sound of it (common problem) as for the doors not sitting flush you can alter that by taking off the door cards (two screws at the top) and then adjust the two lower star bolts that hold the door frame in place they have metal wedges to enable adjustment as for the central locking not to sure cant say ive ever come across that but try the search bar at the top right and welcome to audi-sport:)