rnse and sdhc!!!!

Only the new 2010 onwards model will accept SDHC, the original unit is limited to standard SD cards.
The RNS-E's with a MEDIA button are the MK2 version but as you say 2011 I'd be sure thats the model you have.
Make sure you get a decent class card & make sure they're genuine as allot of copies about.
Brought a 4gb sdhc card from sainsburys on offer at £7.98 just tried some stuff on it and it works a treat!!! only criticism is that Audi should give the option to have the nav on sd card as havin the 32gb ipod we don't really need much more space....and when we have a cd on that is one of the kids and dont want it on the ipod i have to mess about with swapping cd's...

Thanks for the help guys
That is pretty awesome piece of kit Ewan.