which remaps can be turned off?


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Dec 18, 2010
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Other than Revo what others have the option to be turned off? i think my car in the past has been remaped and i wondered if it would have to be a revo in order for it to be turned off, and hopefully turned back on again with a sps controller!
Shark performance and bluefin have this ability also. What makes you think it's been mapped?
Evolve have the switch box as well
but as rockape says what makes u think its been mapped in the past?
well had it in the garage and it looks like at some point an CAI has been fitted and exhaust. Plus it has an uprated fuel pump which is usual with stage 2+?
ahh yea thats sounding like 2+ just depends if the settings were turned back down to 0 or if the ecu was reflashed with the oem map
GIAC maps can also be flashed back to standard using their handheld flashloader unit. :)

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