black interior door handles???


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Aug 4, 2010
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hi all

when i had a C4 A6 it had the interior door handles from a C4 S6 which where gloss black and i would really like some in my B5 S4.

Are gloss black handles an option on a B5 S4? or is there another cars handles that will fit or is it a case of get the paints out?

for reference here is a pic (not of my car) that shows the handle in a C4 S6 in black.
rs4 models came with a satin black handle

aragorn had his powder coated which i reckon would be a cheaper alternative than new rs4 items

ive got a few spare sets that ive been meaning to get done but its finding somewhere to do them
i got mine from a rs4 b7
dont know if the b5 rs4 came with black tho
Just get a spare set and get em coated. I sorayed mine satin black as i prefered that look.

My current ones are a dark metalic silver
hmmm powder coating now that's a good idea. i will get some spares and get them coated.
there are at least 3 powder coat shops near me so that's a job that's as easy as peas :yes: