Good Insurance Companies for Young Drivers?

A3 Sport

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Apr 1, 2009
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Ive tried the likes of Admiral and Bell, but both aren't really interested in me!

Any suggestions would be appreciated! :thumbsup:
Very difficult this the insurance game varies alot. No two insurance company will be the same for a person. People swear by companies like Bell, Admiral, Elephant etc.

Me personally i have always found More Than, Tesco or Swinton to be good.

Each year on renewal the company im with always turns out to be more expensive, I then change over to another company and they are considerably cheaper...Come to renewal again it happens all over again.

I usually always start with comparison websites, Get an idea of whats the lowest i will be paying and then start going direct. Maybe give one of the sponsors a try they may be cheaper if you give them your lowest quote. ;)
i just got insurance with privilage and they quoted me by myself £1800 but with my missus who only had license for a year the priced went straight up to 2.7k, i got 3 years no claim