Some help with stereo bits??


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Feb 27, 2011
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I have a JVC stereo ive had for a while, so i wanted to fit it in my car, cos the one that is in there is naff.

So i popped in my local Halfords to get a facial kit thing and the wires needed to just plug in the back.
I asked for some help and some guy showed me the bit of plastic i needed which was £16
Then he said as for the wires; "is it front amped or rear amped?" i think he said
but i didnt know, nor do i know how to find that out?
He checked the prices for both anyway and they came to £35 for the wires!

Does anyone know how to find out if my car is front or rear amped? or whatever it is..... i cant remember what he said exactly
i have a 2002 Audi A3, 1.6 sport.

any help would be AWESOME, thanks
I think if it's Bose (will say on the stereo display) it will be rear amped, you can check in the boot by pulling the panels off the right hand side, if there is a small amp in there, it's rear amped.