coolant leaking 2.0 bkd tdi.. Dripping from under


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Feb 15, 2011
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My 2004 2.0 gt tdi just started leaking slightly only when the engine is running. I can drive for about 20 mins before the light comeson and i have to top up. Its leaking from the undertray and looks like it coming from the radiator.
Gonna have a look tomorrow properly under, i hope its a pipe and not the rad.
Anyone have any problems like this?
Most people to be honest !!

Sounds like the radiator which is a common problem both on the A3 and Mk V Golf.

Not too bad to replace moneywise and much better than losing coolant the other way - via a porous cylinder head !!

Might be a pipe but look at the bottom passenger side of the rad for leaks.
Yeah it seems to be coming from the passenger side on the rad.
Oh well. If it is the rad Shall i go oem or eurocarparts do you think? how much am i looking at for the part oem
OEM part is £225 - part no. 1K0 121 251 N

Eurocarparts or similar should be nearer half that I would think and will be just as good.