A4 Avant Black Edition Delivery date!!!!!

Yep, decided to put a bit more upfront though, so the deal is now £7k trade in, £5200 deposit, and £3595 from dealer leaving £20k to finance.

With a 9000 mile a year limit (I currently only drive 5k-6k a year currently) it's £272.89 a month with a final balloon payment of £13692.
Should hopefully have some equity in the car to put towards the next car.
Excellent news!!

I called stealer yesterday and was told mine has just been built, awaiting shipment!!!!! So excited I feel like a child!!

Just had 'the call!!'

Car is being delivered next wednesday!!!!:racer:
Just a little:rockwoot:

I've just bought almost £130's worth of cleaning products from autobrite and my new Thule roof bars and cycle carriers are sat here ready to go on!!

I can now drive to the mountain bike trail centres in some style for once!!

I will miss the capacity the Toyota avensis tourer has given me, it's as big as my mates A6 Avant, but EVERYTHING else I will not:puke2:
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Picked my car up yesterday, really chuffed!!

Fuel economy as expected for the TFSI isn't brilliant after years of diesel ownership, but the performance makes up for it!

Will post up some pics soon!

Doesn't seem to like my iPod though, wont always read it/play tracks etc??

Any thoughts??

Makes me happy to look out the window :) !!
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It's the 2.0 TFSI, just over 200 bhp model??

I'm averaging 25mpg with v max. Only 250 miles on the clock.

Pics from my Iphone. Im looking forward to giving it its first good detail!!
At last someone-else with the wheels I'm having!
Personally I think they look much better than the
Titanium rotors.
Avant as well! Great looking car mate!

It's been a long time coming so I make no apologies cooing over it and constantly looking out the window!

Already I have had x2 people stop me to compliment it, and you can see the heads turn when driving!?? I have never really owned a car that has done that tbh!!

That never happened with my Toyota lol!!

It's a bit scrabbly with all the wet weather we have had, I would imagine quattro would have been perfect, but wasn't an option for me under my allowance. Seats are comfy, engine punchy, handles very well albeit not as willing to be thrown around like my past bmw's.

It doesn't like my iPod, keeps telling me it cannot read it? Any thoughts?

In my opinion any car that makes you enjoy the drive is worth every penny, and all I want to do is go out in it! Makes me smile every day!

There was a guy in my local bike shop today who runs a car styling store, he was trying to get me to wrap the roof in black vinyl?? I have to say, I am quite tempted???

Too chavvy or would it look good??
Looks real nice.

The roof in black may be a good option. My S3 had the Panoramic roof which looked really dark and made the car look nice.
Black roof wouldn't be for me but each to their own!
I even like the roof bars!
Just had the call from the dealer to let me know the car is there. Just awaiting PDI, hopefully be able to get across to pick it up on Thursday! :rockwoot:
Shocked how long delivery date has taken. I ordered my black edition saloon end of February and it was delivered first week of April. I know how frustrating it can be. My previous car was a merc class which took 10 months to deliver. The worst excuse was they had run out of 18 inch wheels!!

Car looks awesome. Good choice on the wheels.
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Picked up car today, already put 100 miles in the clock. :yes:

Really happy with the colour and options chosen. Only taken a couple of quick photos with my phone in between rain showers today.

At the dealer

Tesco car park


Back home in the sunshine
Cheers, my rubbish phone pics don't do the colour justice. It looks so much better in the flesh!
Very stealthy!! :ninja:

Looks stunning, I bet your glad the wait is finally over.
Looks great mate - use to have a b7 in lava grey, nice colour!

Bobrave - you know the drill by now! Pix ASAP please!

All these post are showing me that its definately worth the wait!
As the creator of this thread which has had over 6000 hits I hope it's helped fellow BE and non BE purchasers to pass the time.
Mine is due here in two weeks and it's already worth it for what would have been 5.5 months wait. Pictures will be up the same day unless I'm havin so much fun I forget for a day or two :)
Looks great mate - use to have a b7 in lava grey, nice colour!

Bobrave - you know the drill by now! Pix ASAP please!

All these post are showing me that its definately worth the wait!

Cheers, here is a photo that shows the colour a bit better (rubbish photo tho!)
Hey Surfstar,
Been following this thread for months now.
I ordered my a4 avant black edition on 31st Jan! Been informed this week, that it should be here in the next 2 weeks!
Just wanted to say thanks for starting this thread as it has been the best source of information I could find.
Looking forward to seeing your pics!!
/Users/xraven/Pictures/iPhoto Library/Modified/2011/18 Jun 2011/IMG_1566.JPG
It would appear I'm better with the car than a computer. How in the name of god do I post photos??????
It would appear I'm better with the car than a computer. How in the name of god do I post photos??????

Alternatively use Dropbox. It's an online storage location where you can keep files, pics etc and then access them from home, work, etc easily via your normal Explorer. I've used it for years and it's dead handy.

Clicking here with take you to it (and give me some free space for recommending it) http://db.tt/bwS1vNX

I'd say try it even if you don't use my referral ;)
Bob - great looking mota - hope you're real pleased with it!

Look foward to some internal shots off these new cars as im still a bit unsure of the Piano black trim