b6 passat on b6 a4


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Mar 6, 2007
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salford gtr manchester
hi all just a quicky does anyone know if the roof rails off a b6 passat estate will fit straight on a b6 audi a4 avant . any advice would be appreciated
ill say no aswell
ok if thats the case is anyone thinking of changing there black roof rails for silver one we could do a straight swop i am going for the all black look . my car is a briliant red avant i have just got myself some gloss black powder coated genuine rs6 alloys and they look fantastic with the red so i am getting all the chrome trim wrapped in black but the wrappers say they can not wrap the roof rails because they are aleminium ? i suppose i could get them sprayed but i am trying to keep the costs down anyone interested
If you have a look in the avants only section over on audizine theres a thread called 'what did you do to your avant today?'. I think it's page 2 or 3 and one of the users has posted pics of his vinyl wrapped roof rails - maybe not the best solution but could be easier than painting them and will do as a stop gap until you find some real ones...

I was lucky enough to have them come as an option on my B7!

Edit: here you go What Did You Do To Your Avant Today?

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