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Jul 15, 2008
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Can someone give me a list of things I need to buy to replace the clutch on my 1.8T AJL quattro? Preferably with part numbers! Obviously I need a clutch - but what else? It's not really my area of expertise...
If you go on the Euro car parts website and enter your reg it will list all parts needed.

I have recently upgraded my A4 clutch to a larger 240mm S4 clutch and a custom lightweight flywheel from TTV Racing..,which is also an option if your looking at increasing the power/performance of the car?

hope that's of some help

Thanks mate. I've just realised my question is slightly retarded. :p

If I was to change to an uprated clutch and SMF, what are my options. I heard an Audi 80 TDi SMF will fit with some clutch and should be good for decent amounts of torque. Any details? Also how would they compare, in cost and performance, to this kit:

Valeo Audi | Euro Car Parts UK


P.S. I'm insuring my car next weekend so I can get it through its MOT and get the clutch sorted out, so I can sell it. Life is good lolz.
Only problem with the valeo kit is you can only use that valeo clutch on the flywheel. Nothing else.
Dont sell it, drive it!!

I fitted a 1Z flywheel and clutch to my old 1.8T, and it seems to handle the power of a remapped engine alright, although to be fair it never gets driven hard, so cant really say how long it would last or hold up to getting a hard life.

If your looking for a cheap and cheerful fix to enable you to punt it on, then fine.

A slightly better option is to use the same 1Z flywheel, and have it redrilled to accept a S2 (3B engine) clutch, which is 240mm. cost a bit more for the machining, but likely to be much better suited to handling whatever you can throw at it.
And slip as soon as it hits a sniff of boost lol
Ive just got a kit from ebay for my 1.9tdi. only paid £40, new, Sachs friction plate and pressure plate inc new release bearing:D

Can someone confirm if AEB and AJL use the same clutch? I heard AEB et al is 228mm whereas AJL is 230mm? Is this true?
The AJL IS an AEB.

The engines are completely identical in every way.

The different code simply signifies that the AJL is 180hp.

So they both use the same 228mm clutch.