Hazard switch/flasher relay repair


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Nov 8, 2010
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My indicators have been getting worse over the last couple of months, sometimes working fine, sometimes flashing irregularly and in the last couple days most of the time not working at all.

So i removed the hazard light switch (which incorperates the indicator relay) with the view of replacing it, but when i did i noticed that is possible to open the unit up. Upon opening there is 2 relays, i then plugged it back in without the outer case and found that the one on the left (with the warning triangle facing you is for the indicators) This one was sticking, so i then sprayed a small squirt of contact cleaner onto the contacts, gave it a blow, put it back together and the indicators are working better than ever! Hopefully it will stay like that, fingers crossed!

Not saying it will work for everyone, and the switch is quite delicate, but just thought it maybe worth a try if your only going to chuck the old one away.
How did you remove it mate? Mine just stopped last week, no warning or anything, just stopped, quite annoying.
Quite easy to get out, i popped out the 2 plastic switch blanks either side of the ESP switch, put a finger in each then wiggled the piano black trim while VERY GENTLY levering at the edges with a small flat blade screwdriver, which i wrapped a cloth around to stop it marking anything, the trim should then pop off as its only held in with spring clips. Then using an even smaller flat bladed screw driver i carefully levered the switch out.

It is really annoying, hope it works for you.
Argh, might have todo mine a different way, i have the heated seated switchs where your blanks are, wonder if i could just take the radio out and remove the switch that way!
I read somewhere it's a radio out, piano trim off job. I need to do this to but the only problem at the mo is it makes the ticking noise randomly which I've kind of gotten used to lol

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