New brakes needed, what size?


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Nov 4, 2009
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I need new discs and pads on the front on my Audi A4 but not sure what size they are, can anyone help.
I have asked badger5 and according to the chassis number it comes back with 320mm and 288mm for my car. Can anyone help.

My car is a 2006 Audi A4 2.0tdi diesel (140bhp), b7 chassis?

Thanks in advance
look in the front of your service book, theres a big sticker with lots of 3 digit codes on it.

Look for a code that starts "1L?" such as "1LA" and that tells you what size your front brakes are.

Similarly theres another code starting "1K?" which tells you the size of the rears.

320mm fronts are either 1LA or 1LC
288mm fronts are either 1LB or 1LE

If its different to those post it up.
cheers mate, that helps alot. Will did the service book out and have alook.
I've got a code of 1LT on my B7 1.8T which was 312mm Part No: 8E0615301R..... hth
Yep take a look at eurocarparts. In the details they list the code which is compatible so it will give you the size. Mine are 312 on front
I bought mine from here mate. MTEC Brakes, Performace Sport Brake Discs

Very cheap compared to some websites and if your going to change them you might as well get get drilled/grooved or both, they look better and perfrom better and are almost the same price as the standard discs