Has anybody that done A dis retro....

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Jul 14, 2010
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not have the bulb warning light show up on the screen. I had a bulb gone and it didn't show up
I retrofitted DIS to mine soon after getting it, so not sure what it did before, but it definitely only shows a bulb gone for headlights.

Reading the manual, there seems to be two types of bulb failure system talked about, the standard one and one in conjunction with the on board computer.

Even though we've retrofitted DIS, perhaps it still means we have the 'standard' and more basic bulb failure system?

I cant find anything in the coding that relates to bulb failure systems.
I got this off Ross Tech.........


Did these specific bulb circuits you're experiencing problems with work
before the cluster retrofit? If so, my only suggestion would be
checking the 17-Instrument clusters Adaptation values in channels 060,
061 and 062 since they contain the internal installation list.

Outside of that, the Central Electronics module does not contain coding
options for the lamp check, so I'm not sure what else to recommend.


Right so I still cannot get to the bottom of the after the DIS retro. It wasn't a cluster upgrade , just a DIS retro.

Anybody got any ideas?
I don't think it's just the light check.
My oil level isn't working either.
Ah don't be saying that. Have you ran the wire for washer bottle?
Got this back ...... Ross Tech


The 09-Central Electronics (J519) module appears to be different for
vehicles with the Highline/ Auto-Check system cluster.

So does that mean you'd need a new module for it to be correct?
So does that mean you'd need a new module for it to be correct?

Sounds like it to me. It's not a cheap part to buy new either, though relatively straightforward to fit.

You'd just need to find the right part number for a given car with the options you have and the options you've retrofitted, not sure how you'd do that!
The part number for the central electrics module you need is 8E0 907 279. There is a letter at the end, E and F are highline and support the bulb warnings etc. F is quite rare, E not so. All other letters do not support highline or are for B7only and do not work.

I have an E module for sale, PM me if you're interested.