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Jan 30, 2011
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Hi all, I'm new on here, please go easy! I'm thinking of buying an A4 avant diesel, but I've been reading about the balance shift failure and engine code BLB. Where do I look to find this BLB code? I've only been looking for a few days but I've seen a couple of cars but unsure which engine to go for. Either 1.9 or 2.0. I know the 1.9 engine has been around for a while now and is a good engine but I've read that the 2.0 can use oil and has some issues. I have looked at a couple of cars and I like the sound of two, one is a 1.9 TDI TDV 115BHP 2006 100K miles and the other is a 2.0 TDI 170BHP 2007 100k miles, both with FSH. Apart from the BHP difference, what should I be looking for or avoiding? I don't want to be finding one thats sounds ok to find out its one to avoid!!
Hi mate, first of all i confess i dont know all that much about the balance shaft failure because i cant be bothered to read it and then have something else to worry about.

From what i hear on the forum people mostly have issues with the 2.0 tdi 170's, i have a 140bhp saloon and its been perfect so far but only had it since June so probably not fair of me to judge.

The 1.9 engine is completely bullet proof from what i hear but if im wrong about any of the above someone more knowledgeable will correct me pretty quick.

If it was me I would try and get a 2.0tdi 140 as the 1.9 might be a little lacking if your carrying any weight in boot or towing and the 170 might be more hassle than its worth especially if you get a wrong 'un!

Hope that helps mate?
Cheers for your reply, the car will be driven mostly by my wife and she has a tdci fiesta at the mo so the 115bhp should be quicker. I heard that the 1.9's are a good engine thats why I'm sort of leaning towards one, BUT, unsure about the 2.0's thats why I asked for info.
Thanks again!!
Well personally i love my 2.0 and have had no issue with it whatsoever but i suppose one persons review is not enough to go on.

I would of thought more people would of replied by now to be honest.
The balance shaft failure affects the 2.0 TDI BLB engine codes (I don't know if the 170bhp engine is affected). The engines circa 2005-2006 tend to have the issue, cars after this tend to have it fixed.

To find the engine code, open the boot, lift up the boot carpet and in the wheel well will be a sticker with the engine code. Try to get a car with a BRE engine code which came after early 2006.
Hi mate... I've just bought the 1.9 avant and I love it. The 2.0 issues hanging over my head would worry me. Its great on the juice and poky enough for me plodding to and from work. Its a great car.
From tripleOG....

mostly have issues with the 2.0 tdi 170's

I disagree with this, there are people now coming forward with the same fuel injector fault on there 140s.
Other than this fault i dont know of any other major issues with the 170 compared with the 140???

It would appear with the balance shaft failure on the 2.0 140 and the injector fault on the 2.0 170, Audi knows theres a problem and rectified it although they wont admit it even though they have modified the failing parts.
If your going to buy a diesel audi and want to be totally happy it looks like you need to avoid the 2.0s or get later models with the improved parts.
One last thing we cant get near the mpg figures quoted by Audi for the 170 so buy it to be driven!
I have a 2.0 TDi Avant with the BLB engine code i have done around 20,000 miles in it since June last year when I bought it, now done 92,000 in total. The car has been absolutely fine the only issue was smoke which was sorted by changing the fuel filter which hadn't been done in ages!
Maybe I am on borrowed time with this oil shaft but so far so good if it fails maybe I will have to look at fitting a bigger diesel engine or the RS4 :sm4:
Cheers and thanks for your replies!!! AT least I know where to find the code and what code to look for (BRE). Its the same old, where no-one ever complains that their car is running great and has never broken down!! Sim2cool, your car may have been fixed, although is there any way to find out that any car has been fixed? Is it in the service book, on Audi's main computer or print out receipt of work being done?
Mine broke at 135,000, so someone changing before 70,000 miles (before Sim2Cool bought it) is highly unlikely. You just wouldn't spend the money for no reason and neither would Audi even if it was within warranty!

If your still looking for a car, when you phone up the dealer/private seller etc to view a car, just ask them to look on the log book for the engine code.
I was told by Audi it hasn't been updated so I suppose it will go at some point but will give me a excuse for the misses to let me modify the engine! If I get to 135,000 as Fahim that wont be so bad I bought the car not knowing about the problems. But have been told it will get pretty noisey before it goes so I should be able to tell but we will have to wait and see.

My m8 with his RX8 finds it really funny because my engine is likely to give up before his rotary!
Cheers again!! I'll ask for code over phone because it could save a lengthy trip!! If I just look at a car locally, I know I can have a look in the boot!! :thumbsup: