All red rears?


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May 6, 2010
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Has anyone done all red rears on a audi a4 b6 saloon?

If so did you use tint spray or vinyl?

And what bulbs are best to use?
I'm doing my Avant ones at the weekend. I've bought some LED reverse light bulbs and I've been told to paint the indicator bulbs green so they flash orange through the red.

I bought the Laminx so I'll give you an update on Sunday :) (hopefully)
look forward to the pics, something i'm thinking of doing too

did you get the laminx for uk or the states?
I used to do mine on my old Renault 19 16v's when I was younger - it will either look brilliant or awful - no inbetween

I recently put LaminX on my fogs and headlamps - I have left the fog film on as it makes them discreet but I removed the headlamp films as it didn't suit my car.
Also something i have been toying with
intrested to know how it turns out .
Laminx a 12x28 sheet did both rear lens



that looks nice and i did not think it would ;-)
Yeah I thought they might look a bit cheap and give the lights a dull look to them, rather than the usually shine, but I'm pretty impressed for £25 :)
That looks great
tell me how much lip do you get with the film is there anychance of it getting peeled in normal use and washing and polishing etc .
That looks smarrrttt. Anyone got pics of a saloon with the same done?
Can you up load a pic of the reverse light on through the film pls
Any pictures of these with reverse lights showing yet? Trying to decide on smoke or red for the rears on mine.


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