wet drivers footwell


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Oct 22, 2009
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hi all,not been on for a while i have a wet patch near to wear you can rest your left foot any ideas:sadlike:
hmm could be heater matrix has gone or is going dont know if it would be the same had similar problem on a 106 last year and was down to that as the matrix was in the middle of the car behind the dash
has anybody else any ideas any help would be great
no water build up in engine bay could it be the pollen filter
Might be something obvious!! I had the same issue a couple of weeks ago. scratched my head for five minutes bumped it for ten looking below dash then realised my floor mat had a tiny hole in it. The snow had been melting off my feet and seeping underneath!!!
I'll guess its the pipe to the rear washer that runs down there. It may have leaked a bit when you tried to use the washers & they were frozen, unless its very wet & has popped off? Does rear washer work ok?
you could be right me rear jets were blocked i only unblocked them yesterday is that were the pipe runs.