what is remapping?


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Jan 20, 2011
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high wycombe, bucks
Hi all,

i have an 02 2.5TDi A6 Quattro. I'm interested in what I've read on here about remapping. My car has done 108,000 miles and I'm very happy with it. I have a few questions -

Would I benefit from having it remapped?
Are there insurance implications?
Likely cost
How do I find someone reputable to do it?

Many thanks in advance

more power
more MPG you should tell the insurance not alot do tho
cost stage 1 around 180/£400 depends on who and where
better all around did my 2.7 a6 took it to 3L power. search for emaps he did mine he will come to you, about £240 ish.
Chipped Uk do a ST3 tuning plug-in unit for £200 to £300, with 2 maps which you can switch between as and when you like, plus you can go back to standard too. You can have a fast road map and an economy map together with your original, giving you three options. Will give you an extra few mpg and smoother, better power.

Standard 180 should go to around 210.
I understand Revo will let you try theirs for a few hours free of charge, but it's around £400.