HELP PLEASE !!! - idling rough


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Aug 27, 2009
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Please could someone advise if they have come across the issue below before,

Car running rough at idle - plugged into handheld and brought up 2 faults.

1) - 16891 idle control system rpm higher than expected

2) 17544 fuel trim bank 1 (add) system to lean

Anybody had this issue before and what do i replace to cure the problem

Many Thanks
look on rosstech wiki that will give you most of the problems that cause the fault codes
Sorted guy's, i dug a bit deeper on the forum and looked in the and found a possible cause, i took the crankcase breather valve off to confirm and it was this that had failed. Ordered the parts from TPS in Derby, part numbers below if anybody already hasn't got them. In all the parts cost me £40 so i can't complain when you hear some people have took their cars into the dealers and the same problem has cost the nearly £500 - £600. Thanks for the help.

B6 1.8T (BFB)

Vacuum valve - 06A 129 101 D
Crankcase Breather valve (PCV) 035 103 245 G
Crankcase 3 way valve housing 06A 103 247
I was just about to tell you what your problem was lol!

These valves are becoming an issue, especially with remapped cars, or cars that are driven hard - I've actually bought spares just incase - when mine went it bought up 5or6 codes lol!

Glad you got it sorted and your no longer sitting on the drive with the shakes!
It was your previous thread info mate that helped most on this one. Thanks and much appreciated.
Hi mate, just after a bit more advise, when i took the breather valve out yesterday i noticed a lot of gunk in the pipework, do you think this will be same throughout the metal pipes aswell. My cars an 03 plate and done 63k so while i'm fitting a few new parts do you think it worth cleaning them all out or do i leave it ?
When I did mine there was a little bit of dirty oil build up - personally, I didn't do anything about it and have had no issues since - but, I do remember some people saying that they took the opportunity to clean the pipes - in hindsight I should have done mine (I suppose I was more interested in getting rid of the problem at the time!) and I think I will do mine very soon.