One of a Kind....

i swear there was a tuning firm trying to peddle some crap that was very similar to this not that long ago...
oh dear thats all im saying lmfao , i love the way with words like day lights ,xenon headlights even tho they are halogen and what the f*@k is that front bumper it fits well doesnt it hahahaha, what a bucket of *****
I was going to find the old thread on this as I've seen it in Manchester and honestly it's...... Gash. I burst out laughing in a crowd and everyone was like WTF.
What have they done they should be locked up for this worst modified A3 I've ever seen
its the same shocking gap on the S3 one you can get for the split grill too its horrible , to make it even more funny its already a full frame grill model being a sportback and all how the hell did they make that much of a mistake lol

That is all
I'm gonna go drop the kids off....on his bonnet!! if i ever see that pile of trash.

'One of a kind' - there is a god!!
apart from the gap on the bonnet i like it so its not oem but i never liked there music lol

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