Snow Foam HD Lance


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Jul 14, 2010
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Bought one of these from Roll Up & Shine last night, hoping it will arrive tomorrow, although the weather is expected to be wet for the next few days. What ratio do you mix your snow foam? Im going to be using it with a McAllister (B&Q) pressure washer.
Car is filthy at the moment hasn't been washed for a month, and the wheels are black. So some before and after pics up when it arrives.

The lance I purchased: Heavy Duty Foam Lance
The snow foam: PH Neutral Snow Foam 5L
I believe a good ratio is 1 inch of the snow foam in the container and the rest warm water. Give it a good shake and away you go.
Ordered mine last week, hoping it might have arrived at home today and hoping to be able to use it at the weekend.
Might have to buy these! Let me know how you get on with it all :)
I've had one of these for a long time now and they're good. I use an inch of foam in the bottom of mine and its more than enough to do my car. Normally have a load left over so it just gets lobbed into the bucket for washing.
Update: It arrived but doesn't fit... When i searched the net i found that the lavor fitment should fit macallister pressure washers, but they don't! So does anyone have a macallister pressure washer (from b&q) and if so what fitment have you got? Ebay seem to do some converters, so just need to know which fitment i need!!

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