help! think ive blown my turbo!


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Oct 26, 2010
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im from coleraine, norn iron, but live near swindo
Driving home last night heard a loud pop, thought I had a blowout, limped home, tyres were fine does this point to my turbo? If so hat other damage could be caused? What sort of money to fix this? What other future problems could this cause?:
Did you get any smoke out the back, when you say limped home, if turbo gone then shouldnt of driven a step further, have you checked the oil as usually when it goes it dumps the oil through the exhaust out the back, so very low levels if any.
Perhaps it was a burst party balloon?
You need to be more detailed lol!! Did you notice any white smoke out the back, loss of turbo spool/performance,strange high pitched noises?
was your GF in the car ?
she may have had to many sprouts and let 1 off
just a guess
admittedly ive never heard a turbo go, but thought it would be more dramatic then a pop, that sounds more like a boost pipe coming off
ive had a turbo go its a bit more than just a pop on my old car when it went part of the blades went into the exhaust as it went big time and i thought the engine had gone as there was ***** loads of smoke out the back and no boost at all thats usually the signs your turbo has gone i would check the boost pipes first as they used to be a problem area with the old golf's tdi's
on the other hand when one of the turbo's on my rx7 went it didnt make a sound, just lots of smoke out of the exhaust and a few blades were fired out into the air filter!!

your car would almost definately be pouring out smoke if your turbo has gone, is your car standard? boost pipes come off with a fair old bang and will make your car either stall or lose all power
the pop could have been a boost hose which as popped off or split.

blown turbos don't really go pop.
the pop could have been a boost hose which as popped off or split.

blown turbos don't really go pop.

Quite's usually very obvious when an oil seal or worse has let go in a turbo.

Immediate loss of power,and lots of smoke.