R32 front brake setup Is it a worthwhile upgrade?


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Feb 4, 2009
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east sussex
Hi just seeing if any one had any experience with this setup? Do you think it is a good upgrade from the 288mm standard set up on a 1.8tq?
Is there much difference in stopping power between the R32's and brembo set up?
I done my R32 with £550 calipers hangers hoses pads and discs. Work amazingly well. Running yellow stuff pads as recxomended by most on r32oc. Have a look on R32oc for sone cheap ones. Never faded even on track.
Does 4 pot apposed to 2 pot make a huge amount of difference? The R32's have bigger disks that are also 2 piece so that must make them more efficient at cooling therefore less fade? A mate is going to let me have the whole r32 front set up with nearly new oem discs and Bosch pads for £300 so thought That shouldn't go a miss lol
r32 are very good and dont fade much, but be prepared for a good shafting when it comes to replacing the discs. Both are very good, porsche brembos being better because they are mono blocks (lighter and stiffer) rather than the jnr/leon brembos.


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