18" RS6 replica wheels


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Oct 22, 2004
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Got some 18" Rs6 replicas but not very happy with the center caps. Does anyone know if original Audi caps will fit them.
Yes the ones from genuine RS6 17's fit a treat and look so much better (£20 for a set of 4)
Thanks, you wouldn't happen to have the part number would. Where did you get your wheels from?
Sorry a3derv1 I don't have the part numbers to hand, just asked for centre caps for RS6's and tried one at the dealer before committing to a set.

The wheels came from Rochford Tyres http://www.rochfordtyres.co.uk/ - very pleased with the wheels and tyres (Avon ZZ3's) but the after market centre caps were rubbish and I lost three on the first long drive after fitting the wheels.
Cheers for that, got mine from rochford as well. Will try the dealer tomorrow.
a3derv1 - I have now tracked down the part numbers if you still need them: A4B0 601 170 7Z J
Cheers will give them a call tomorrow. Haven't bothered but should make it easier now.