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Nov 4, 2006
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hi,just bought a karcher 3.65 machine and im thinking of getting a snow foam lance and snow foam.
What the cheapest lance i can pick up thats quite good........thick blanket one not like some karcher ones ive seen on youtube! and also some snow foam,,,,,,,,,,that wont take off all the wax ive applied !
This any good...........5Ltrs professional snow foam 50 on eBay (end time 14-Dec-10 02:21:47 GMT)

Any lances/foam you guys recommend?
I did a bit of looking around and 50 quid seemed like the going rate for lances. That one you found in half the price and to be honest it looks exactly like the one i just bought last month!

Any good ?
Obviously, I'll recommend our foam lance kit (currently on offer and includes a free storage bag!): PB Foam Lance Kit | PB Car Care & Detailing Products

Comes with Meguiar's Hyper Wash, the only snow foam we recommend.

Its dilution rate of 400:1 (water/product)means that per litre it costs roughly a tenth of the price other snow foams do (check the dilution ratios and work it out from there: I have previously posted on here the price per litre maths).

The cheaper foams are usually a false economy as their dilution tends to be 50:1 or sometimes as low as 15:1.
Yeah I think its good. Only used it twice before weather turned crap. It looks very similar to the one you found. I know someone will correct me but they more or less do the same job. It does have a brass fitment so it should last, which is important for what they cost.

Make sure you get one with a dial on top to strengthen/weaken the mix.
+1 for that lance - bought mine from polished bliss PB Foam Lance Kit | PB Car Care & Detailing Products but they're all the same made by PA (i swear by megs hyper wash it's so economic as dilution rate is superb - only one squirt in the bottle)

or get youself over to detailing world and look at this : New Foam Lance Group Buy!! The one you will remember!! By Autobrite Direct! - Detailing World
thanks for the info...............bought myself the 'autobrite one' il get use it next year when the weathers better.
Where did you get your pressure washer mate? I'm currently looking to buy one...


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