Temp gauge or sender issue!!


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Sep 7, 2009
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Warminster, Wiltshire
hey all!

I changed my stat and temp sender about 6 months ago and since doing so the gauge only occasionly reads anything. Most of the time it sits at 60 and wont move but occasionaly it starts to go up then drops back again. I changed the temp sender again a few days ago but it still wont work.

I went to change the N75 valve today as it has come up on vagCOM a few times and whilst doing so i realised that the wires from the temp sender and N75 go in the same direction. After changing the N75 i still have the same juddery boost problems as before!!

Could it be a wriring issue?? Ive followed the wires back a bit, but couldnt see anyhting!
Well im unsure if mines a air lock now after changing my temp sender, unsure if the stats gone or its air :(. Whatever it is its doing my head in lol.
If its the stat, giving the car a drive then leaving it idling for 10-15mins will soon see a reading on the gauge.

It could well be a crappy sensor if you've baught a cheapie rather than a proper OEM one.

Do the heaters blow hot?
Yeah it's annoying me aswell. Especially as it's using more fuel!!! Lol

I just find it strange that the wires for the temp sender and n75 run in the same plastic sheaf and they're both playing up!!
I had an N75 fault on the A4 last year, and it was cuased by a broken wire.

Salvaged 12" of loom from a scrapyard and spliced it in and problem went away.
Iv had to change 2 new stats on mine as they were both faulty they didnt show up straight away though they took around a couple of months. These were £6 jobbies from a small motor factor where is yours from? It would be worth stripping the wiring all the way back to check it as there could be a small break in the insulation.
From what you have said i would be more inclined to changing the temp sensor again for a genuine from the dealer if it turns out the wiring is ok of course. The reason i say temp sensor is when my stats were playing up the lowest it got was the 75 mark on the gauge it never went as low as 60 but its your call.

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